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Journal VonGuard's Journal: Timid Applicants Need Not Apply

So we're still hiring people. Our only good worked put in her 2-weeks last Friday. Rather than hire a replacement, we are hiring random people and dividing up her job.

Oh, the people we interview. We hired this one dude who is complete loser while ignoring a relatively unskilled, but very personable and responsible guy who didn't lie.

It's not just the tech industry that has a problem with people presenting themselves as something they are not. That one guy you have who sits in his cube and pretends to code Java all day, but who's really playing on Friendster is not a unique anomaly to your world.

We get them too.

And they suck ass. I think I may be one of them.

Well, actually not. I do have the skills I say I have, never really lied on a resume that went anywhere. But I don't work very hard once in the organization. I am a limb ass motha fucka.

So we have these people who come in to interview and they are completely meek and weak, and quiet and timid. Jesse would eat them for lunch! No fucking way!

This new guy Jesse hired seems like a real dud. Not that it really matters much. He seems really happy to have a job. I wonder how long before he realizes just what level of hell he's entered into.

I give him till Friday, then on Monday, he'll figure out that he's in a pointless hell hole.

Fun Fun Fun, as always.

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Timid Applicants Need Not Apply

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