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Journal salimma's Journal: HOWTO: Share iTunes on the *same* PC 6

Some people want to know if they could share their iTunes folder between multiple users on the same PC. It is quite simple if one is used to Unix and using soft links, but for non-Unix types out there, here it is...

Note that the source and destination folders need to be on NTFS volumes. Some XP OEMs bizarrely ship their PCs with FAT32 volumes; convert is your friend.

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HOWTO: Share iTunes on the *same* PC

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  • Well, imo Fat32 is a hell of a lot easier to recover files from and it seems to be a lot less prone full partition death, but it seems to be more prone to a few files here and there getting killed. That said, when I used windows, I always used fat32 and I never had a problem, so ymmv, but that would be why I assume they ship fat32 machines.
    • Stability is probably the key factor; then again, the last computer I personally bought from a major manufacturer was a Dell in 1998, that shipped with four (4) 2 GB partitions, all FAT16.

      It came with Win95 OSR2, and yes, that version's fdisk defaults to asking if you want FAT32 partitions.

      So, overall, the likelier explanation is that some manufacturers' recovery CDs still do not support NTFS. I could be wrong, of course.

      • yeah, and iirc it defaults to fat32 if you press enter, I was running win95 r2 as well :)

        Just wondering have you found any good recovery utls for ntfs?
        • Never had the misfortune of NTFS going berserk on me, no; the worse I've had so far are permission problems. Got confused at first until I remembered even an Administrator need to take over ownership before being able to change permissions!

          Sysinternals Freeware [sysinternals.com] is an excellent site for NT freewares though. Process Explorer in particular - it lets you suspend processes, see files they have opened, etc.

          • Well, my friends partition just went poof and well, all my fat32 tools don't work with ntfs and partition magic just sorta shrugs and exits, so I don't know what to tell him. Ahh well, tis computing :)
            • so I don't know what to tell him

              Ideally, something like you have backups, right? - but I feel uncomfortable preaching what I don't really practice :). Oh, I do backup home folders (C:\Documents and Settings), but being lazy I just do it to another partition.

              Beware of using Partition Magic on NTFS partitions. A friend of mine managed to wreck his XP that way. Mandrake's installer claims to support shrinking NT partitions, I just hope they know what they're doing..

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