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Journal Archangel Michael's Journal: Moderation .... AGAIN 1

I must be facinated by the whole moderation process. But I have noticed something quite recently. That is not that many articles are getting moderated. And the ones that are moderated remain at 3 or 4 longer than ever.

It makes me wonder if the moderation system is starting to fail or if the SlashDudes have changed the parameters.

I have seen several posts that were RIGHT on target or just plain funny stuck at 1. That is another thing, I don't see many +2s anymore either.

Anyway, it is anecdotal evidence at best; my observations. Nothing scientific or anything.

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Moderation .... AGAIN

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  • I guess I am not the only one who has noticed.

    Taco makes mention of it in his journal 49

    And several others have made mention of it lately too. 4& threshold=-1&commentsort=0&tid=126&tid=134&mode=th read&pid=7243803#7243825

    So, there you have it. At least on this topic, I am NOT crazy.

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