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Journal Assmasher's Journal: Slashdot, no longer a free thinking demographic...

Sadly, a once great bastion of unfettered thinking for the IT world (and occasionally beyond) has become the stronghold for anti-Windows/anti-MS zealotry. How many posts in the past two years have been anti-MS? How many have been subjectively derogatory of Windows (and other MS products)?

Now, because Slashdot is (or at least used to be) for the nerd in all of us, of course there will be MS bashing and Windoze castigation; however, the level and the obvious subjectivity of those dogging anything MS related is beyond the bounds of reason.

Then, again, most of these subjective posts come from people very closely associated with Slashdot (for example, roblimo) ergo Slashdot appears to have become less of an editorial synopsis of cool world news and more of a welcome home to Linux zealots who can't seem to install Mozilla on Windows.

Now, I am a Linux, Solaris, Irix, and Win2k/XP Pro professional developer, so I am indeed disheartened by seeing my absolute favorite website in all the world (slightly ahead of consumption junction ;)) become a Linux school yard bully.

Just look at the invective and stupidity in people's posts when someone posts something that can even be remotely construed as not anti-Microsoft. LOL, not even pro-Microsoft. Apparently the absence of a deep and abiding hatred of the Redmond giant makes you a traitor to everything *nix on Slashdot.

Worst of all, the moderator scoring, lol. I read a very logical, objective post by someone in a thread about stability which was pro-NT/2K and the zealots punished the poster with such ridiculous penalties as 'off topic', lol. Maybe there should be an age requirement for posters? Most of the zealots appear to be 13 years old.

Sh*t, more to say on this later, build done...

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Slashdot, no longer a free thinking demographic...

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