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Journal The Michele's Journal: No Clue, boundless possibilities 9

In 18 days Nanowrimo will begin for 2003. For the month of November, along with cooking a (hopefully) scrumptious holiday meal, celebrating (or mourning) my 35th birthday and coming to terms with the fact that my mother is actually living too close to me now, I will be attemption to churn out a novella of 50,000 words.

In 5 days, I will be drugged and probed for biopsy to see whether I have cancer, or celiac, or ... well, who the heck knows. Probably nothing but a bad case of "wow, you are a fruit cake". Amazing how fruit cake hurts on so many levels. *wink*.

That is it for now, just starting the maiden voyage of the SS Abyss Slashdot.

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No Clue, boundless possibilities

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  • Your mum's living close??? *breaks out the potato cannons* close are we talking???

    gods. That shook me up. Anyway, welcome to slashdot. I've already friended you. Wait till you meet bethanie; i adore her and she reminds me slightly of you. Sense of humour, sense of mischief, sense of glorious impropriety.

    And ... no, i just can't believe you're mum's closer. *shudder* hang on, i'll go find more ammo...


    • Gloucester. That close. Hold me.
      Fortunately for the lot of us, she will be in Romania for 2 weeks starting on the 15th (2 days before my endoscope). Probably plenty of time to gather the munitions and batten down the hatches, tee hee. The good part is that my brother came with her! Hip Hooray! He is looking to move somewhere between me and my Mom, that boy is always looking for balance (and cheap rent ;) )
      Can't wait to meet Bethanie! :) Propriety is highly overrated you know. *grins* Michele
    • Whoops! Forgot to tell you about the Nanowrimo! It is a novel writing "contest" held once a year at: for aspiring writers (or just folks who like a challenge) to celebrate "National Novel Writers Month". Fifty thousand words, one month. ACK. I bet you could do it! :)
  • Except that they'd be the same 10 or so repeated over and over again -- I have a nearly 3-year-old, see. :-)

    Anyway, I'm afraid my presence is fairly overrated. But if Sol thinks so highly of you, then I'm sure it's warranted. First JE is promising, that is certain. You are welcome to read the backlog of mine; I have a couple more in the pipeline, but they're not ready for publication at the moment (i.e., sitting in the huge clutter pile of "to do" crap in my mind).

    Did I gather correctly that thou hast w
    • I think that Sol thinks that highly of me so that I will have to live up to her expectations, and thus find the self esteem I misplaced somewhere along the line. She is cool like that. *smile*

      My own children are 7 and 13 now (OMG I am old), both girls,and I tend to gather others as satellites. Currently online are: an almost 11 year old, a thirteen year old and one who is almost 17. I am the place to go when the parents just "don't understand". Not sure if that is a good thing or not yet, but it does keep

      • Welcome to Slashdot. I think that you will find that sol's recommendation will stand you in good stead here, at least in the "circle".

        I have two daughters, ages 17 and 21. Teen years are tough for girls; it's good when they have an adult to talk to (other than a parent).

        Hey! Husbands need someone to talk to, too! :-)
        • That is why they invented Mistresses. *wink*

          Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to reading more, and have a feeling that there may have been a precipice that crumbled under my feet while I wasn't looking. :)

  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    Hey, another possible member of the celiac club? Whee! We've almost acheive critical mass.
    • Awe, thanks for the welcome :)
      You have it too? Eeep, it is epidemic! I am still hoping I don't, though it would be nice to know what the heck is going on with me. Having an entire family to feed would make this particular diagnosis a bit of a nightmare. I may be leaning on you two QUITE heavily in the next few months. Find a comfy spot, LOL ;)

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