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Journal fustakrakich's Journal: The air is clearing... Ahhh, Van Nuys... 5

Instead of laws of action/reaction that govern this universe, that we live in, they* see everything in terms of reward and punishment, after you die! They won't live this life, and they don't want to let us either.. This also leads to their destructive incomprehension of consequences. They don't care the harm they cause, Something MUST be done!.. In the context of crowd control, its ongoing success cannot be doubted. It is an evolutionary process. We are nature with a good follow-through. Man has brought forbidden knowledge into the biological realm.

So, what's worse? The Greater Good? or The Lesser Evil?

*Tears for fears

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The air is clearing... Ahhh, Van Nuys...

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  • We're all individuals. "The Greater Good? or The Lesser Evil?" can only be evaluated in whatever context you hold as the teleological point of life.
    Given what I think is your materialistic weltanschauung, I can't fathom what you mean by

    It is an evolutionary process.

    How did life ever get off the periodic table? "Process" implies both an initial state, a current state, and some vector of travel (perhaps varying). How do you model those?

    • ..."Process" implies both an initial state...

      Then so must your deity. There is no forward and back. There is only in and out. Gravity and radiation.

      • "Not answering your question," aye.

        21:21 21 August

        Nicely timed.

        • "Process" is ongoing. It implies nothing of the sort. There is 'before' and 'after' with 'now' in between. Indeed it is you that must prove otherwise. As to where chemistry becomes biology (as if they were ever separate), the process remains undiscovered. But to claim a 'divinity' did it is no less absurd than any other theory out there. I'm not going to fret over it. When you know yourself, you will have your answer. Until then you are merely speculating, just like the rest of us. I know I'm talking to th

          • Well, we may have arrived at some common ground, then. I've never claimed, at an intellectual level, to have any more validity to my ideas than you allow here.
            If the kind of mathematical proof you seem to require were at hand, then no one would be arguing, would they? Well, some might: "There's some men you just can't reach," after all.

            Don't be so sanctimonious to think your[sic] so special before the creator. Arrogance is a sin.

            Quite the opposite is the case: the realization, if God is 1, that you need to go an awful long way to the right of the decimal to find me is totally humbling.

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