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Journal deathcloset's Journal: Chapter 12, section....oh....lets say 2.3

"Susan, look. I'm married, and a faithful husband to melinda, so I would really apprieciate it if you would put a shirt back on and stop rubbing my my pant's crotch."

Bill Gates was obviously trying his hardest to be nice about this situation, but Susan, the super sexy space nazi turned cohort, was in some kind of genetically induced heat. Bill Gates was trying to force the temptress off of him, but aparently her genetic modifications made her quite the amazonian. "guys! guys! crap! get her off me! shes ripping my shirt!".

I turned to my brother, he turned to me. I spoke, "dude, she's going to totally do Bill Gates if we don't do something about this."

My brother pondered on this as sounds of ripping clothes made their way to our ears. "well, yea. but I really don't see whats so bad about this. I mean, we are stuck in this spacecraft hanger bay without any idea if or when the decryption process will complete...and Susan sexily gave us her user account for this whole process so I think we kind of owe something to her."

I spoke, " well, I mean, that's a good point," Bill was screaming and Susan was grunting as she struggled to tear Bill Gate's belt in two, "but man, he's a married guy, and he's obviously very faithful. I mean, can't you go over there and try to...oh, I don't know...seduce her or somehting?"

My brother rubbed his chin. "well, I mean... I could give it a shot I guess." he shrugged.

My brother then walked over behind Susan and tapped her on her shoulder. Susan swung her head around to meet my brother with a crazed stare. My brother stretched his arms our wide. Then he cried. "TAKE ME MAN-WOMAN! I AM YOURS!"

Susan released her Grip on Bill Gate's belt and Bill fell two feet to the ground in a shredded heap of suit. Susan then lunged for my brother and began ripping his clothes off like a child frantically opening christmas presents.

What followed next, I will not describe.

20 minutes later Susan was lazily smoking a ciggarette peering out at the vast expanse of space. My brother was hastily putting the finishing touches on the piece of code that was to cause a catostrophic explosion in the main reactors of the space nazi's space ship.

Beep, beep, doink. The console my brother was resting his feet on piped up and my brother exclaimed, "hey! it worked!". He quickly transcribed the information from the ships console to his small handheld, beeped a couple buttons and click whoosh, the side entry door across the hanger floor flashed a green light above it.

"ah there you go Susan, that should do you." My brother beamed, susan gave him a sidelong glance, stood up, threw her cigarrette to the ground and waltzed up to the side entry door. She blew my brother a kiss and then dissapeared through the door.

Bill Gates said, "what are we waiting for?!" and began to run for the same door.

"NO BILL wait!" I screamed. "you can't go through there dude, that's space nazi territory!" Bill looked confused.
Bill questioned, "then how the freaking heck are we supposed to get out of here?"

"Like this!" said my brother and with the press of a button a house-sized box opened up. Bill Gates jaw dropped to the ground.

MESSAGE ACKNOWLEDGED -- The Pershing II missiles have been launched.