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Journal Archangel Michael's Journal: Total Recall or not? 1

I will be most likely holding my nose tomarrow as I vote in the Recall of Greyout Davis. I don't want any chance of that idiot or his Racist Clone in office on Weds.

Ahhhnold is going to get my vote (Voting early, often). It looks like it is going to be tight.

If it wasn't tight I would have voted for the Porn Starlett, just to waste my vote, and show my contempt for the whole Election process. (I view the whole thing as rigged anyway).

As for the allegations against AHHHNOLD of womanizing, groping or otherwise crude behavior, if this monkey is the best they can come up with, they are really hurting.

Seriously, when I saw the woman, I though "Planet of the Apes", and no makeup required. If Arnold did grope this woman, he really DOES need to be locked up, for INSANITY.

This should be interesting.

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Total Recall or not?

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  • I'm relieved to hear you aren't voting to keep Beige in office. What a loser he is.

    As for Ahhhnold, I would probably vote for him, just because having celebrities in office is entertaining. And maybe he would hire a competent staff to do the governing for him (just as I'm sure they wrote his scripts for the debates and stump speeches, etc.)

    As for the groping and Hitler crap -- that is just dirt, pure and simple. It's the political equivalent of the nasty little crumbs of dog crap that you have to actual

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