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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Could technology liberate? 4

Across the US, from Maryland to Seattle, work is underway to construct user-owned wireless networks that will permit secure communication without surveillance or any centralised organisation. They are known as meshnets and ultimately, if their designers get their way, they will span the country.

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Likely as important as the 2nd Amendment, in its way.

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Could technology liberate?

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  • "You have to have someone accept what's on your node in order for them to pass your traffic around,"

    The whole point is to prevent exactly that. Prevent blockage, no matter what. People who are passing your traffic around should not be allowed to control the content or even know it any more than the government or corporate service provider. Otherwise no ground is gained. The aim is to create a true dumb pipe that nobody can control.

  • Without the wires.

    802.11 sniffing, spoofing, eavesdropping and jamming are trivial, 'tho.

    No. Crypto doesn't help here - because the issues are trust, not mechanism. And if you are really deemed worth of attention, your radio can just be flacked with DoS.

    Better idea? Massive stenography across existing super-dense information channels - like popular Tumblrs or Vines feeds. Huge bitmapped data sets to hide private communications in. SamizData!

    Add a "chaffing" capability of false referrers and gigs of bog

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