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GNU is Not Unix

Journal bandy's Journal: bash 1

As a dyed in the wool /bin/csh user [1981-] I must admit that the current version of bash is quite the sweet treat. It has been the default shell on the linux laptops I've been working on for Tadpole and my fingers have grown used to it, so much so that I changed my Sun account to bash and will be changing my home accounts as well when I get home tonight.

The compelling feature? Emacs-style command line editing. I got used to this when I was with Cisco, and even enabled it in the csh-variant I used there on their Sun servers. It wasn't a big enough win that I went for it at home, but I have been a file-name-completion fan since I hacked it into an early version of csh back in '83.

Time for more Jelly Bellies....

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  • I've always hated the C shell because the syntax sucks and there are things you can do in Bourne Shell that are impossible in the C shell. I'm not convinced that a scripting language should attempt to have the same syntax as a programming language, since they are trying to provide different capabilities. (That's not to say that I think the scripting language should have gratuitious difference.)

    Also I don't want to have to use a different language for interactive work vs. script writing. It's bad form t

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