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Journal Archangel_Azazel's Journal: The Changing Times

Anymore, I read a lot about RFID chips, governments deciding where you're allowed to go on the internet, secret spy organizations set out to track everyone's movements...Here's what I've come up with:

- Your information isn't YOURS anymore.

You give up your privacy everytime that you use a cellphone,credit card, or "bonus" card at the supermarket.Companies have found out that there is a veritable GOLD MINE of info in receipts, and so they're going to use it to mail/spam you at every possible opportunity. It's legal, and they do it ALL the time.

- If you don't believe/think/act like us you must be dangerous.

I've seen a very disturbing increase in this mode of thought, both on the internet and in R/L. If you disagree with the majority, why you HAVE to be a terrorist! What's that you say? You're offended that I've labeled you a terrorist? WHY? Only a TERRORIST would be offended at being called a TERRORIST, so you HAVE to be one for SURE now.

- The US Gov't has spent a lot of time and money into keeping things that it doesn't want made public "quiet".

Yes, that article on Bush wanting to strip your freedoms from you and lock them away in a vault where only he and his buddies have the key WAS printed. On page G-17, right across from the personal from that lady with 19 cats...didn't you see it?! Oh, and if you'd like proof on this one. go to Project Censored and then ask yourself why more people aren't upset that things like this are happening.


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The Changing Times

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