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  • And thus, wouldn't a simple trash barrel with particulate scrubber on the chimney do?

    It seems to me that it would be far cheaper to fly an incinerator to Costa Rica on a NORMAL AIRCRAFT, then to do this highly secure, very expensive shipment.

    • Yeah. They destroyed this stuff.

      That's like believing they'd send the bars from Fort Knox, to the bottom of the Marianas trench...

      Combine this story, with what you KNOW about "Fast and Furious". There are agencies in the US Government that are bigger than Sinaloa.

    • Probably redundant, but I have to ask, in addition to what JC already said, what in the world led you to believe that this stuff was sent off to be destroyed?

      • No, that's the point of my comment. It isn't reasonable that they ACTUALLY sent this stuff to be destroyed, because it could have easily been destroyed in a 200 lb incinerator rather than shipping the full 24 ton.

        • Once again, what makes you think destruction is the intent at all? Is it so impossible for you to believe that it was exported to be sold, that your authority figures are regularly engaged in smuggling of contraband?

          • I'm saying that the story that destruction was the intent (RTFA!) is obviously false because if destruction was the original intent, it would be much cheaper (and less of a security risk, plus forward planning) to buy a $500 incinerator and ship it to Costa Rica at a fraction of the cost.

            You're so extreme you think every comment is an enemy, when I'm actually agreeing with you.

            • This is an unfortunate limitation of short, text only communication. We can all be a bit forbearing with each other.

              If I don't like how the world operates, I have to adjust some of the basic motivators in a realm over which I have some degree of influence... Me. :-)

            • ... is obviously false...

              I was under the impression that it goes without saying, being as obvious as anything can be.. Your initial post made no indication of that. However, you are correct, if destruction was the intent, it would have been done locally. The story is almost a non-story. Like predicting the weather in Los Angeles... *late night and early morning low clouds and fog*.

              But... I would hope that stories like these would help you understand the true nature of authority. In the hands of man, it is c

              • Transparency is the key to authority not becoming corrupt, elimination just gives you a different set of corrupt authorities.

                In this case, the correct way under a non-corrupt authoritarian government would have been to borrow the Vatican's double-chambered incinerator that they recently removed from the Sistine Chapel, and put a webcam on it as they fed it the cocaine in 20 lb chunks.

                The fact that they didn't is proof that the government is corrupt.

                • Wow... I don't know what else to say... If another corrupt authority replaces the 'eliminated' authority, then authority hasn't been eliminated, has it? I, apparently naively, thought that elimination means exactly that. I see the problem as the desire for authority, just like the love of money. Both are equally sinful.

                  With my limited education and vocabulary, I am obviously failing to get my point across, despite the clarity of my thoughts. Your time, along with Mr. Smith's and pudge's, and everybody else

                  • It is impossible to eliminate authority- every time you do so, the power vacuum just creates another authority. You have no clarity to your thoughts, because you haven't thought them through to their obvious conclusion: A society with no overt explicit authority will build corrupt implicit authority.

                    Our time will be spent more valuably if you get off the drugs and start thinking for yourself, instead of letting the drugs do your thinking for you. That was the problem with the whole generation of the 1960

                    • It is impossible to eliminate authority- every time you do so, the power vacuum just creates another authority.

                      Only proves that man still has yet to evolve beyond the animals, and will never do so as long as he craves authority. He shall forever remain a talking chimp until the desire is eradicated by his own free will. It is a hedonistic desire of the flesh, no different than the same claims you make about sex and drugs. You have still failed to make a case for it. And I haven't been high for a few days no

                    • Except, of course, animals don't show complex multi-level hierarchical structures. At best, you have an alpha male (patriarchal) or a queen (matriarchal), two levels of hierarchy.

                      Did it ever occur to you that authority is built into the universe and that it is actually impossible to eliminate it?

                    • Complexity does not automatically mean *advanced*. It only means *complex*.

                      Did it ever occur to you that authority is built into the universe and that it is actually impossible to eliminate it?

                      It most certainly has. And has always been part of my message. And until man can transcend that, he will remain just another (highly complex) species of animal, with limited *free will*. And I believe that some religions actually allude to that.

                    • Only REALITY is built in. Man translates that as "authority", and assumes the mantle of authority, falsely - as if he were the Divine Author.

                      Man fears death, and seeks to defy reality and the truth - assuming and asserting authority over all he can control, then declaring this to be the whole of existence.

                      All are baseless, equal and humble in reality. No authority in the face of the unmeasurable space between galaxies, the number of particles - beyond countless...

                    • Man can no more transcend the rules of the universe than he can eat a radio wave.

                    • Plenty of authority in all of that- science has revealed many of the laws of authority that govern the universe.

                    • Man is outside physical and temporal existence.
                      Man is a being created before eternity, descended from the spirit, into the material - like a bird in a cage.

                      "There is no spoon."

                    • Materialism is its own reward^H^H^H^H^H^Hpunishment.

                    • Gnosticism? Really?

                    • It's the same as Christianity - with the proviso that all men are one man - not just Christos.

                    • No, it isn't the same as Christianity. Christianity doesn't ignore the physical, and Christianity knows that authority is necessary.

                    • Back to Nicaea with you!

            • by kesuki ( 321456 )

              urushiol and capsaicin are organic substances the former will put me in a coma within hours of exposure and the latter i've had so spicy it burned all the way through my digestive system. 'organic' doesn't mean 'safe'

              • What I was saying is that organic substances can be incinerated safely and easily with modern technology- and for a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for 24 tons of high security freight. The components for the incinerator only weigh a couple of hundred pounds, therefore it is ridiculous to think that they really intended to destroy it at all.

                Even capsaicin can be incinerated safely if you have the proper scrubbers on the chimney.

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