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Journal Archangel Michael's Journal: Religious Wackos 9

Okay, so I see a post today on some more smart card privacy invasion. This time data tracking who goes where using Public Tramsportation in London.

This time, I can't help myself, and hint that I am one of those WEIRDOS that actually believes in the Bible.

The question is though, would this and should this one aspect of my life affect what others think of topics not even related?

In other words, does the fact that I actually believe in something bigger than myself, affect my ability to comment insightfully or otherwise on topics outside that relm?

Does this totally change how people see me? Not that I really care. I think it is something people should know, because it is important to me.

I should point out that I am not a Luddite either. Since I can remember, I have been facinated with technology, and gadgets and such.

However, I also see the amalgamation of technology coming together in a way where a single entity could control most every aspect of our lives.

This is something I am watching very carefully.

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Religious Wackos

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  • Let me put it this way: your religious beliefs will not prejudice me regarding liking you or not. I don't have to agree with you to like you.

    Your religious beliefs will not change my opinion of your views on most subjects, wither.

    If you believe that humans did not evolve and that humanity was formed in a puff of blue smokeabout ten minutes ago, and that a race of pyramid-shaped beings lived before that and left their exoskeletons behind when they were beamed back up to their home planet, which is on the

    • Open season on Trolls? Where do I get my tags? What is the limit?

      Personally, I don't tell ANYONE they are Damned, because quite frankly I don't know if they are or not. Although in other areas I am known as a "Legalist", meaning I hold to a strict orthodoxy of faith. Go Figure.

      Those people who are not tactful don't do ANYONE any good. In fact, those that CLAIM to be of my faith, who BIBLE BASH are using the Sword like a hammer and wondering why it doesn't work, are in need of reformation themselves.

  • Personally, I believe that the Bible is a collection of fables, parables, and stories that were written by people (men), and as such, are as fallible as we are. No word of God, except in the sense that they may have been inspired by a muse or by their own "god-given" intelligence.

    I have no faith in this book; I just can't make the leap.

    But I am not just stupid, and I can see that millions of my fellow earthlings have been deeply influenced by it. You just can't ignore something that has that kind of effe
    • You know, its funny. I can talk about other stuff. But every once in a while people make the leap of faith and speak about stuff they know very little about, that they REALLY believe.

      Like Evolution vs Creationism. People call me a wacko because I believe the scientific evidence against Evolution, while they claim no faith, yet believe that same evidence is somehow flawed, WITHOUT any support whatsoever.

      The issue is that they have FAITH in what they have been taught, and really don't WANT to know different
  • by Cujo ( 19106 ) *

    Please, not the Raisin Bran again! It's clear enough from studying the Originial Manuscripts that it'sHoney Bunches of Oats. Raisins are completely inconsistent with No Fruit in the Box!

  • It's clear that you've reserved the right to keep thinking, though I wonder if certain topics aren't off limit. That's for you to figure out.

    I'm curious though, what does it mean to say you "believe in the Bible?" Which canon, and how do you determine which of these copies of ancient writings you include in your canon? Does "believe" imply inerrancy, or a literal interpretation (Noah's Ark, the sun standing still, parting of the sea, virgin birth, loaves and fishes, resurrection from the dead, etc)? Ch

    • First off, I believe the Bible, whatever that means. Just because you cannot believe it doesn't mean it is wrong. Just as if I believe it it doesn't mean it is right. Either way there is a measure of faith required. :-)

      The fact that Messiah taught in Parables should be ONE piece of evidence that the Bible is not just a collection of essoteric writings. It was fulfilled prophecy.

      As for smartcards and such, they do indeed lead to making identity theft harder. But it also makes Identity Theft more lucrative
      • First off, I believe the Bible, whatever that means.

        But what does it mean to you? Haven't you given that any thought at all?

        For example, do you believe Melchisidek is still alive (Hebrews [slashdot.org] 7:3)?

        • The only explanation I can come up with is that reference was to Messiah (see vs 11).

          I have given much thought to what it means to me. Either it is right, or it is not. As fantastic as it sounds, I think it is right. Many have dismissed it as being a collection of fables, half truths, stories and allagories. I don't.

          One can try to dismiss me as being a wacko, and perhaps they are also right. However, I am quite aware of the ridicule that I face.

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