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Journal metroid composite's Journal: Highest Posts per Day boards on the Internet? 37

Hmm, well I have been wondering this recently. All the particularly large message boards that I've managed to find in my search have been game boards. ( least in terms of sheer post volume. Slashdot has considerably larger posts with more intellectual quality, for instance, and this is not measured by post numbers). So far, the largest I've found have been GameFAQs and Well now for some basic data. NOTE: this is just raw data right now; it tells nothing about the actual rate of posting, and is not accurate between sites.

GameFAQs purges topics if they haven't been posted in for a given amount of time (for most larger boards about a day; but the purge only happens once a day). Hard to get posts per day for that least as far as individual boards go.

Taken at 9/24/2003 19:09:29

Individual boards: taken at 19:06 GameFAQs time

LUE:2381; 36680
RI:1028; 26798
CE: 1735; 17528

And a few a bit later:

SC2003: 626; 17194, 9/24 7:12PM
PotD: 929; 17476, 9/24 7:15PM

IGN Doesn't seem to purge...or maybe they purge every two years or something; hard to tell. Fortunately they tell total posts.

Total Messages: 60,807,042 (38,322 posted today) Taken at 7:19pm IGN time.

Vestibule: 371,251; 5,689,766; 7:19pm
GCN General Board: 106,834; 2,199,845; 7:25pm
XBox General Board: 77,941; 1,280,921; 7:27pm

The thing to do is to check back later, and then estimate Posts per Day (PpD). Obviously post raw post counts between sites don't tell much due to varying purge rate; and moderated messages are not insignificant for some boards. My estimation just by pressing the refresh button is that LUE is larger than the Vestibule, but not by too large of a factor.

Why am I doing this? Scientific curiosity... Cataloguing the Internet... something like that. If anyone is reading this, can you direct me to other particularly large boards (or suggest a way to estimate the size of Slashdot...)?

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Highest Posts per Day boards on the Internet?

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  • Vestibule 372,166 5,702,303 7:19pm
    Total Messages: 60,855,635 (36,559 posted today)

    GCN General: 106,994 2,202,685 7:22pm
    XBox General: 78,100 1,283,368 7:23pm

    Poste d: 9/25/2003 7:22:26 PM

    LUE: 2281 36635 9/25 7:22PM
    CE: 1723 18060 9/25 7:22PM
    RI: 1011 25618 9/25 7:22PM
    PotD: 895 15701 9/25 7:22PM
    SC2003: 684 17424 9/25 7:25PM
  • (deleted older journal. Figured out how to reply to my own.) It didn't occur to me to just add up the totals for previous days. Slashdot:

    Wednesday: 9435 posts
    Tuesday: 7049 posts
    Monday 7431 posts

    Actually somewhat larger than I expected; I'm pleasantly surprised. Though, my estimate of LUE is still around 20,000 PpD.

  • Note: these are all rough estimates, based on one day of data only. Not to be taken seriously. For the GameFAQs boards, I looked at the unique purge rate for each board, and did a very rough estimate on how many posts came before a certain date. Note that I really should do this at midnight GameFAQs time; I'm skewering the data by taking it any earlier (as posting patterns change at night).

    PpD = Posts per Day
    (Copy this into a plain text editor to get things to line up, and replace the "z" with "."
  • Tomorrow night I'm going to start booting boards that don't seem promising (IGN system boards: I choose you...probably they were larger before they went private). I've gotten some suggestions from GameFAQs on Current Events (CE) hence a number of new additions today.

    GameFAQs: Posted: 9/26/2003 7:10:15 PM


    LUE 2188; 35658, 9/26 7:10PM
    PotD: 883; 15413, 9/26 7:10PM
    RI: 851; 24079, 9/26 7:10PM
    CE: 1655; 17709, 9/26 7:10PM
    SC2003: 683; 18116, 9/26 7:16PM

    IGN: Total Messages: 60,898,
  • Penny Arcade
    697 60334
    Total posts:

    I'm...skeptical about this one. Might have a purge rate, but I suspect it's just plain new.
  • I need two days worth of the other stuff to get anything worthwhile on the new ones, but updates on the ones I've been tracking so far:

    GameFAQs: 169595
    IGN: 43011
    Main(Slashdot): 7437

    LUE: 17739
    Vestibule: 11269
    RI: 11200
    CE: 5640
    SC2003: 5056
    PotD: 4528
    GCN Genrl: 2886
    XBX Genrl: 1818
  • Nearly lost these by not saving the file. Thank goodness for temporary backup. GameFAQs topic=10289471& message=106935563 Posted: 9/27/2003 7:28:10 PM LUE: 2576; 39092 CE: 1664; 17675 RI: 926; 26153 PotD: 904; 15688 SC2003: 717; 19043 Daily Posts: 2165 Total Posts: 1093651 Webcomics (10:30 by now) Posts: 654,981 Newgrounds General: 1,015,614 Straight Dope Threads: 207,512, Posts: 3,936,517 GenMay (10:33 by now) 205,930 threads in total | 4,837,528 posts in total General Mayhem: 418
    • topic=10289471&
      Posted: 9/27/2003 7:28:10 PM
      LUE: 2576; 39092
      CE: 1664; 17675
      RI: 926; 26153
      PotD: 904; 15688
      SC2003: 717; 19043
      Daily Posts: 2165 Total Posts: 1093651

      Webcomics (10:30 by now)
      Posts: 654,981

      General: 1,015,614

      Straight Dope
      Threads: 207,512, Posts: 3,936,517

      GenMay (10:33 by now)
      205,930 threads in total | 4,837,528 posts in total
      General Mayhem: 4184596; 170584

      Hard Forum
      282,091 threads in total | 2,657,427 posts in total

      Penny Arcade:
      SE++: 62193
  • Judged GameFAQs boards a bit harsher than usual tonight; still not sure how to handle old posts that are there from previous days. Fortunately no other boards seem to have a purge rate (at least I assumed this in the calcuations). Well with the new boards we have a few surprises. Newgrounds seemed to be all in General, so that's all I recorded, but General seems to be low. Penny Arcade came out respectably well. General Mayhem is 4xing the size of its parrent site. Oh, and the following boards weren't
  • I'm taking a different approach to this now. The best way to get post count is to look at links when you mark stuff for moderation or quote someone. Those tend to be unique to the post regardless of how many posts have been modded. Won't be able to analyze that data till tomorrow night, though it does have some interesting implications (like IGN fudging their numbers).

    9/28 7:13PM


    LUE: 3083, 47359
    CE: 1294, 13798
    RI: 1008, 27161
    PotD: 976, 15749
    SC2003: 522, 15831 9/28 7:15PM
  • Well I've run into a few purge rates, so I've decided just to use message marking systems whenever possible to determine posts. This should be interesting; I suspect IGN is fudging their results seeing as they have considerably fewer modable messages than messages in total. While these results still use the bad data (painfully obvious looking at Penny Arcade) I figure I might as well post them anyway.

    GameFAQs: 223992
    IGN: 50002
    Gen Mayhem: 14995
    Hard Forum: 3417
    StraightDope: 3236
    Webcomics: 3080
    Penny Arcade:
  • The analysis will probably come considerably later, unfortunately.


    LUE: 2786; 43510 9/29 6:39PM
    CE: 1856; 19539
    RI: 891; 25458
    PotD: 946; 15781
    SC2003: 716;18914 9/29 6:40PM

    P= 1098122

    Newgrounds: 1,349,743
    P= 1404268

    Straight Dope (9:50)
    P= 4046816

    GenMay: 207,068 threads in total | 4,868,745 posts in total
    General Mayhem 4211605; 171471
    P= 4943807

    Hard Forum: 282,906 threads in total | 2,664,528 posts in total

    Penny Arcade: 275580

  • Accidentally closed my data file, which just meant I stayed a bit later. Unfortunately by the time I got back to Penny Arcade it was down for server maintenance. Ah well; on the plus side I got a lot of good suggestions today from CE:

    Whenever I have p= or d= incidentally, it's the marked message url, which I'm finding more accurate.


    LUE: 2738; 42190
    CE: 1031; 11489 9/30 7:48PM
    RI: 862; 23940
    PotD: 987; 17263
    SC2003: 453; 13750

    Webcomics: Posts: 664,387

  • GameFAQs 183178
    IGN: 46892
    General Mayhem 16226
    Webcomics 10360 (Suspected typo on my part. It's consistent from day to day at about 3000...)
    Slasdot 9243 (probably an underestimate; took samples too late for the first one).
    Rotten Tomatoes: 8035
    Penny Arcade: 6240
    StraightDope 3607 (and this confirms it as not too large. I'll stop recording it probably).
    Newgrounds 2816 (it's getting the boot)

    LUE: 22294
    General Mayhem (GenMay): 13688
    Vestibule (IGN): 12250
    RI: 12078
    CE: 6711
    SC2003: 5938
    PotD: 5033
    Post a Link (Fark): 3
  • Of course, can't analyze any of the new sites with just one day of data, so nothing too surprising today (except an explosion of General Mayhem). I base all site data off of markings now, but I double check that these make sense with post totals when applicable.

    GameFAQs: 208,389
    IGN: 51,272
    GenMay: 19,580
    Slashdot: 9,321
    Rotten Tomatoes: 8,550
    Penny Arcade: 4,321 (did get back up eventually, though slow day I guess)
    Webcomics: 3,402 (yeah, just a glitch in my recording process)

    LUE: 21482
    General Mayhem: 16898
  • I'm not happy. I lost all my bookmarks and I'm posting from a Windows machine of all places for fear of screwing up the cache which I don't know how to recover. Fortunately, any forum this large usually start with www and end with .com and show up as the first five results in any search engine.

    LUE: 2674 43988 10/01 7:46PM
    CE: 1663 17297
    RI: 965 24969
    PotD: 996 17812
    SC2003: 666 17225 7:46PM


    Threads: 19,043, Posts: 667,329

    Genmay: 208,440 threads in total | 4
  • Forgot about counting the number of old topics created on the GameFAQs board, so I did it this morning and retook the post data (as the purge happened last night) which I expected to give slightly different results. They seem consistent, though, which is comforting.

    GameFAQs: 189,105
    Go-Gaia: 97,176 (although their "artilce" counter claims 141153)
    IGN: 46,871
    GenMay: 18,378
    Slashdot: 10,069
    Rotten Tomatoes: 7,961
    Soompi: 7,177
    Penny Arcade: 6,441
    Nick: 5,692 (a pure estimate--attempt to salvage corrupted data)
  • Waiting for Go-gaia to come back online. Other than that....

    LUE: 2520; 41610 10/02 7:15PM
    CE: 1664; 17304
    RI: 971; 25366
    PotD: 1018; 18182
    SC2003: 676; 17927


    Genmay: 209,052 threads in total | 4,924,937 posts in total
    General Mayhem: 4259714 173026


    General Discussion: 1198602 70726

    IGN: Total Messages: 61,187,495 (37,124 posted today)
    Vest: 378,542 5,797,190 7:25pm


    Soompi: Our members ha
  • GameFAQs: 179,160
    Go-gaia: 88,452 (they had tons of server maintenance yesterday, so I had to grab this late, though this time they gained more than post total differences, which suggests purge fluctuations like Penny-Arcade. No scientific explanation that I know of)
    IGN: 46,536
    GenMay: 18,238
    Slashdot: 9,938
    Soompi: 7,218
    RottenTomatoes: 6,901
    PennyArcade: 4,343
    Team XBox: 3,649 (dropped)
    Nickelodeon: 1,015 (, didn't expect 5,000, but something's odd here)

    LUE: 20644
    General Mayhem: 15254
    Vestiblue (IGN): 1279
  • Didn't post the raw data last night, then accidentally shut down the computer without saving the spreadsheet (while in Gnome instead of KDE so nothing got saved). Fortunately, the marking method isn't time-dependent, and I remembered some of the results (go-gaia was 50% above the logical value more like 100% above).

    LUE: 1693; 30560 10/04 9:11AM
    CE: 1290; 13386
    RI: 671; 19791
    PotD: 777; 14077
    SC2003: 490; 16122



    Penny Arcade:

  • Well, seeing as I lost all data last night and had to reconstruct it, a lot of these will probably be a bit inaccurate. I can see straight off that some of the numbers are a bit odd (GenMay is a bit higher than usual, GameFAQs is a bit lower than usual). An alright order of magnitude esitmate, though, and most of these are near identical to the deleted analysis I remember writing last night.

    GameFAQs: 177,336
    Go-gaia: 71,696
    IGN: 45,136
    GenMay: 23,964
    EBay: 22,702
    ForumPlanet: 12,453
    Slashdot: 9,682
  • I seem to be able to post again; not sure what was wrong with my account last night.


    LUE: 2541; 41456 10/04 7:29PM
    CE: 1765; 17435
    RI: 1021; 25253
    PotD: 894; 15827
    SC2003: 567; 17978

    GenMay: 210,231 threads in total | 4,957,262 posts in total
    General Mayhem: 4287254 173923

    Penny Arcade:

    Rotten Tomatoes:
    General Discussion: 1202826 70969

    IGN: Total Messages: 61,275,293 (32,980 posted today)
    Vestibule: 380,189 5,823,504 7:35pm

  • LUE: 2951; 46756 10/05 7:12PM
    CE: 1938; 18138
    RI: 1052; 25917
    PotD: 872; 13809
    SC2003: 572; 18150 10/05 7:20PM


    GenMay: 210,790 threads in total | 4,972,225 posts in total
    General Mayhem: 4300239 174359

    Penny Arcade

    Rotten Tomatoes:
    General D: 1205383 71116

    IGN: Total Messages: 61,328,372 (40,684 posted today)
    Vestibule: 381,161 5,841,121 7:28pm


    Soompi: Our members have made a total of 1,138,857 posts

  • topic=10446071&message=108710030 LUE: 2994; 44964 CE: 1933; 18168 RI: 1009; 26188 PotD: 1180; 17663 SC2003: 659; 20144 GenMay: 211,509 threads in total | 4,990,790 posts in total GM: 4316085 174899 d=5065927 Penny Arcade p=1059711 Rotten Tomatoes General Discussion: 1208222 71236 d=3044678 IGN: Total Messages: 61,385,382 (44,702 posted today) Vestibule: 382,284 5,859,271 8:06pm p=46296524 Slashdot: p=7150114 Soompi: Our members have made a total of 1,147,383 posts p=2581026 Nick: tID=769
  • Well don't have time to do full stats, but an update on the sites (these are all rough since I don't feel like copying three day's data exactly):

    GameFAQs 205 k
    Go-Gaia: 125 k (Note: they've been offline for the past two days so this is based
    off the bad day's data)
    IGN: 50 k
    EBay: 20 k
    General Mayhem: 15 k
    ForumPlanet: 10.5 k
    Soompi: 9 k (O_O that's a jump)
    TechTV: 8 k (better than I hoped)
    Slashdot: 6.5 k (slows down on weekends)
    Rotten Tomatoes: 6.5 k
    Penny Arcade: 6 k
    Nickelodeon: 5.5 k
    UltimateWedding: 3k (Yeah...
  • I'm only entering in selected parts of this to the spreadsheet; too much stuff. Probably done testing on some of the early boards now. LUE: 2567; 37945 10/07 7:19PM CE: 1678;16287 RI: 871; 24514 PotD: 850; 13622 SC2003: 474; 15658 topic=10461711&message=108886833 GenMay Penny Arcade p=1064644 RottenTomatoes: GenD: 1210606 71339 d=3051548 IGN: Total Messages: 61,436,445 (40,946 posted today) Vestibule: 383,286 5,874,768 7:27pm p46347266 Slashdot: p=7159457 Soompi: Our members have made a
    • On a side note, I should edit my user settings to prevent this in the future.

      I'm only entering in selected parts of this to the spreadsheet; too much stuff. Probably done testing on some of the early boards now.

      LUE: 2567; 37945 10/07 7:19PM
      CE: 1678;16287
      RI: 871; 24514
      PotD: 850; 13622
      SC2003: 474; 15658



      Penny Arcade

      GenD: 1210606 71339

      IGN: Total Messages: 61,436,445 (40,946 posted today)
      Vestibule: 383,286 5,874,768 7:27pm
  • Still too sick to do much of anything

    Forum Planet: 13029 (all time high)
    Ebay: 22773
    TechTV: 7012 (all time low; and my first data had negative...odd error on my part)
    UltWedding: 3678 (I guess I drop this)

    Main (Rotten Tomatoes): 3000 (over the past several days)

    Go-Gaia has been reset to below where it started.
  • This is taking too long each night, and I'm not analyzing it. I'll start cutting back or something.

    LUE: 2505; 36606 10/08 7:16PM
    CE: 1731; 16554
    RI: 933; 23699
    PotD: 1110; 16778
    SC2003: 682; 19372 10/08 7:18PM


    GenMay: 212,748 threads in total | 5,025,689 posts in total
    General Mayhem: 4346466 175850


    Gen D: 1213237 71454

    IGN: 61,487,431 (39,350 posted today)
    Vest: 384,322 5,889,313 7:29pm

  • Bah, taking the data is too time consuming, and I've tested some sites to death already. Just taking stuff which hasn't been tested for more than a week now.

    GenD: 1216120 71587

    Go-Gaia: Our forums have a total of 4938635 articles
    Chatterbox: 14533 1036247
    GenD: 9918 429233

    Forum Planet: 1,059,561 Topics 11,457,554 Posts



    UltWedding: Threads: 138,685, Posts: 3,643,042
  • Anyway, it was taking too long to record the same 15 sites every night, so I've closed up taking data on some of the ones I've been looking at from the start (like GameFAQs and IGN). As long as I've tested the whole week so I know how it varies from weekday to weekend I've got all I really need.... Anyway:

    Go-Gaia: 98887
    EBay: Massive Pruge -- can't tell anything
    ForumPlanet: 11750
    TechTV: 6191 (yet another recrod low)
    UltimateWedding: 4584 (record high)

    General Discussion (Rotten Tomatoes): 5514 (wow, the past

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