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"First Black President" a Conspiracy Plot

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  • I don't think Weiner wins anything other than "best Horshack". And, outside of the zombie media, I don't think anybody is terribly impressed with Huma, either.
  • I hope you're kidding. Weiner won't be in the race come election day. He'll never hold elected office again.

    • He's a double agent, designed to make the opposition look bad... or something. He has outlived his usefulness, and that's that. It is important to remember that neither side wants an obvious advantage, lest that draw unwanted focus. And that other guy, what's his name? Spritzer, Spitzer? Whatever.. He's already pulling a Romney by not revealing his tax returns, you know, so fuck 'em all. You're not gonna find a good one in the whole lot...

      • I don't know, I see a world of difference between Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer actually has a history as a loyal public servant, and Weiner's never been anything but an attention-whore.

        Spitzer's got F.U.- money. He didn't have to go piss off everyone on Wall Street (who are probably all his neighbors). He could have done anything he wants, and he chose to try to enforce the law on a lawless part of the country (Wall Street).

        The biggest problem I have with Weiner is that his hijinks have smeared Spit

        • Both of them are rabid, hard-right supporting Zionists.

          Spitzer isn't a "human rights" kind of guy. He just cares about "dollar rights".

        • Accountants have more power than lawyers. Who do you think gave us 'austerity'? Who fudges the books during the night shift? Hell, they're more powerful than the Stonecutters.

  • Damn! People will vote for him only if he promises to show more... And the girl, a bit anorexic, don't you think? Or is that bulimia? She'll eventually need to hook up with Joan River's surgeon if she wants to stay in this business.

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