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Journal fustakrakich's Journal: The Reagan* worship is truly phenomenal (seen in the Jimmy Carter story**) 16

What is there that could make anyone admire this man? I mean aside from his public demeanor, appearance on the Dean Martin Roasts, and somewhat memorable Gorbachev jokes? And why would they offend Alzheimer sufferers by putting him on display like they did? His (okay, his handlers and 'contributors') dirty deals and military adventures are truly capital crimes, and the survivors from his administration should be behind bars until they are put into their graves. His term marked the end of the single income family, and the stolen money was given to Wall Street, and that legacy continues unabated, in fact it has accelerated many times over with his most prominent worshiper presently in the white house. The Reagan administration (though Nixon started it) used prohibition to mitigate the demographic threat, and it further destroyed families, while pumping up the value of one of his favorite industries. He didn't defeat the USSR, Ted Turner, bootleg satellite dishes, and decadent Western media did that. But if that truth were widely known, what would become of our even more decadent military budget that is stealing money from people who actually need it? Reagan is the very symbol of decadence and American arrogance, especially notable by the company he kept, and the history books should reflect that if they are to be considered credible. This cult of personality is causing great harm to us all.

*Obama too, which is actually a bit worse since he's still in office causing much damage...

**and from my slashdot friend

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The Reagan* worship is truly phenomenal (seen in the Jimmy Carter story**)

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  • Sure am glad there isn't thing #1 going on, necessitating a Reagan exhumation. Have Bush and Cheney been rhetorically flogged to pudding, or something?
    The real villain, of course, was that wretched Presbyterian, Woodrow Wilson.
    • I don't see much Wilson worship here. And you sure as hell never saw any from me, but, the real villain? Please... Things were no different then. He was following orders from above. The Rockefellers and friends and all their old money was in charge of the country then, and they still are today. Wilson played the part of Howdy Doody. So, again you got the wrong guy, just like you're doing with Obama. It's like you're yelling at the girl behind the checkout counter because the store ran out of beans. You hate

      • by cffrost ( 885375 )

        And remember it's Reagan's cult following that keeps digging him up, wanting to put his corpse on the ballot. I would rather send him and everything about him to the planet core, or better, into the sun. We need to purge everything about him, except as a reminder of the things not to do or how to be.

        I'd rather we dig him up one last time and ship his otherwise useless corpse to a biofuel power station in order to recover some of the added utility costs he demanded the US taxpayers cover, due to his insistence that the already-installed solar panels weren't good enough to provide energy to his holy majesty's White House — nope, the millionaire Hollywood prima donna demanded a handout from the US taxpayer, but for America's neediest: "Let 'em eat curb."

        Reaganomics, Chapter One.

      • Presbyterian

        What's up with that? Is there something we should know about them? Are they secret Muslims or something? Are they more mysterious than the Free Masons or the Rotary Club?

        Just that John Knox was a disciple of Calvin []. When the TULIP is in full bloom, you can get to a sort of fatalistic Christian materialism; i.e. a near-rejection of free will. I should think you might fancy the thought. I can only reach about 2.5 on the 5 point TULIP scale myself. Going the distance involves significant cherry-picking and distortion.
        All that Calvinsim was kind of an input to the Progressive falsehoods we're floating in today. I don't find Calvinism very authentically Christian, but I guess t

        • ...the Netherlands, under Calvinist leadership, became, besides England, the freest country in Europe....Even more important than the liberal development of the Netherlands was the rise of modern democracy in England and North America...

          Are these things the 'Progressive falsehoods' you speak of? I'm not enamored in any particular religion, but if the above is true, that should say something. As far as TULIP is concerned, it made no sense. Anything that says some personified god picks and chooses who he's going to save or not and condemn the rest sounds way out there.

          So, then, who's crazier, the Calvinists, or the Baptists? Who's blowing up the clinics and protesting against equality? Which one of you all is telling us 'god hates fags'?

          • Anything that says some personified god picks and chooses who he's going to save or not and condemn the rest sounds way out there.


            Which one of you all is telling us 'god hates fags'?

            Gets muddy right about here. Phelps [] is both a Democrat and a Calvinist, as well as the ogre-in-chief of Westboro Baptist Church. More like Westboro "Taliboo-boo" Fellowship (WTF).
            I guess when Christian leaders break the wrong way at Matthew 4:9 [], and fall more in love with power than Jesus Christ, you may arrive at the corner of Fred Phelps and Terry Jones. Those jokers are as impressive as Bill Clinton or Al Gore. I guess Jimmy Carter is the most honest Democrat of the Christian flavor; he admitted tha

  • ..with prompting my father to become a Democrat. And for making damned sure those damned college kids paid all the taxes on the tips from their part-time jobs.

    • ..with prompting my father to become a Democrat.

      :-) You say that like it's a good thing...

      He prompted me to starting playing the lottery and move to Vegas. It was my only chance at getting rich without being a crook.

      • Lesser of two evils, baby. Dad ain't never gonna join the Pirate Party, the Greens, or the Communist Party of Sweden.

        • Lesser of two evils, baby.

          Oh please, for the love of dog, don't lay that debris on me. Everybody's claiming their side is the 'lesser of two evils'. I don't care if it's 'lesser'. Vote for evil, and that is what you'll get. Don't throw away your vote.

          • I prefer to choose battles that I've a chance of winning.

            So why is it exactly that you appear to be steering this away from the issue that I raised? Maybe you weren't around then, but the college university landscape changed significantly and rapidly once Ronnie got in. College students could no longer collect any government benefits that weren't specific to education while enrolled. Lots of them had their take-home incomes reduced by a sizeable fraction when the restaurants they worked at started tracking

            • Now that I think of it, I daresay that future historians will look back on that time and say, "This marks the beginnings of the anti-intellectualism that had become rampant in the US by the first decade of the 21st Century".

              • Yes, things took a very dramatic turn for the worse in '81, but I still only credit Reagan with being a very successful charismatic. The way 'Reaganism' endures is vivid indication. Too bad the dumb suckers are only pushing plain old neo-liberalism, but now it's got a face, two actually, gotta include Thatcher, those two being joined at the hips and all.

                Thing is, whatever policies Reagan executed were planned a long time before he took office.

            • The thing is, choosing a different devil is not 'winning'. It's fantasy football.

              I ignore that stuff because it would have happened anyway, with or without Reagan. He wasn't even a buttonman. He was an errand boy. He just made it very easy, a lot easier I believe, than was expected. He was, after and above all, a professional actor, even if he was one that would make Robert Stack look good. His winning was no accident. He was being groomed for the job while his was still governor, and we were being warned o

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