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To any would be doubters out there

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  • . . .when conservatives do it. Media said so.
    • I wouldn't know, authoritarians all look and act alike to me. I was just pointing out that business interests are safe no matter which clown you elect to put in front of the camera/teleprompter, speaking of which, sometimes I do miss Ronnie. Comparatively speaking, his delivery was always top notch. He guess he would be your 'Huxley' compared to your Obama's 'Orwell'. Eh, differences in style, nothing more.

      • I think that Ronnie was more genuine that that, and I'd offer the fact that he took the nomination despite the GOP elite in 1980.
        Alas, defeating the Evil Empire was the prime task, and Ronnie left no ideological heir that could carry on the task of un-fracking Holy Progress. So we got Bush41. Perot didn't have an internet to coalesce support around (to the extent that he may have been a reformer) and so the collapse continued.
        • Ronnie left no ideological heir that could carry on the task of un-fracking Holy Progress.

          Yes, Ronnie did want to take us back to the post civil war era of carpetbaggers and robber barons, no doubt about that.. And for the most part he was successful in turning the country in that direction as we watch his banking buddies rob us blind and stepped up drug war to feed the prison industry (Slavery 2.0) and destroy families and he raised taxes, virtually wiping out the single income family., AND he is responsib

          • I'll just never be as funny as you: let me get that right out there.
            My only regret, after these months, was taking you so seriously for so long.
            • You're using conventional child like defensive mechanisms to avoid discussion (I know you are but what am I? a regular pee wee herman). Take off the cheap sunglasses. You are overcome by propaganda and blind faith in corrupt institutions. But I don't blame you for not wanting to bite the hand that feeds.

              Eh, whatever, you have yet to show that Obama is any worse than Reagan. Both are criminals. But I'm sure that won't knock Reagan off the pedestal you built for him.

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