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Journal MyHair's Journal: MyHair, the Bar Hopping Geek - or - Sex and the Single Geek

I am almost the stereotypical Slashdot dude. I'm very overweight, spend too much time on computers and haven't (before last weekend) dated much or got laid in years. I don't live with mom, though, and in fact I live alone and am financially independent. Sorry.

Last weekend on a spur-of-the moment roadtrip mini-vacation I got laid for the first time in...well, a long time (at least two years). That helped clear out a lot of the anxiety I had built up about women, increased my confidence/self-image and greatly increased my desire to start dating again. The girl I was with lives about 6 hours away, and it was more of a one-night thing than a long-distance relationship type thing.

So I went bar hopping. I've never done this before, even when I was actively dating. I went to a TGI Fridays at 4pm on Friday and stayed until 6pm. This particular place had been recommended to me by a couple of guys at work, but only couples and much older (late 40's to 60's, and I'm 33) people came in. After eating an appetizer sampler I played the NTN trivia game with some of the other guys until 6, then decided it wasn't going to get better and headed downtown.

I walked around downtown a bit before going into a huge bar with two restaurants, 4 bar areas, a video game area, a dance club and cosmic bowling (bowling plus black lights, music and projection TVs showing crazy stuff). Nothing happening in the restaurant/bar area, so I went through the video game area. It was early enough that kids were still allowed, so lots of families here. Nothing happening in the bowling area, and the dance club was in the middle of a private party, so I went back and played some video games.

As it got later, all the kids disappeared (I think they kick all the kids out after 9pm) and more adults showed up. Most of the women had dates, and I wasn't getting any eye contact or any other signals. The only group of women that didn't have guys around looked gay and didn't look at me once, even for a second. Plus they were french kissing each other.

I went back to the bowling area; nothing still. Went to the dance club, but nobody was dancing, and there were 2 girls and about 100 guys. (The private party had ended.)

Back to the video game area. I got some eye contact on the way in from one of three girls who just came in. Cool. I walk scout the area a little more to give them time to settle in. The go to the bar and order drinks. I go to the bar and order a drink, but they're not looking my way now. One is a really gorgeous blond, but the other two are nice, too, and one of them had looked at me. I don't think I've had enough signals to approach with success, so I'm watching, waiting an looking around, but three guys come up and join the girls, and the girls are obviously very into them; so much that I think they might've arranged to meet there.

It's getting late and I'm tired, so I leave and head home, stopping at the Wal-Mart to get some stuff for the apartment I've been meaning to get.

Well, I suppose it's a halfway decent first step to becoming more social even though the only conversations I struck up were with the bartenders, the NTN trivia players and a (male) coworker I ran into at Wal-Mart.

(No, the lesbians weren't really french kissing each other. Everything else is true.)

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MyHair, the Bar Hopping Geek - or - Sex and the Single Geek

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