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Journal pgpckt's Journal: Editor Moderation

From the slashdot faq:

"Do editors moderate?

The Slashdot Editors have unlimited mod points, and we have no problem using them. These moderations represent approximately 8% of all moderation, and according to Meta Moderation, the fairness of these comments is statistically indistinguishable from the moderation of non admin users (92-93% of moderations are ruled 'Fair'). You can argue that this is somehow inherently unfair, but one of the goals of Slashdot is to produce readable content for a variety of readers with a variety of reading habits, and this process improves discussions for the vast majority of Slashdot Readers, so it will stay this way.
Answered by: CmdrTaco

Last Modified: 1/24/02

My response to CmdrTaco:

I believe editor moderation is unfair. If you want to
increase "readable content for a variety of readers with
a variety of reading habits, improves discussions for the
vast majority of Slashdot Readers.", as you say in you
FAQ, the fairer solution is to give out moderator access
more often.

I feel it is grossly unfair and against the community spirit
to allow someone unlimited moderator access. Please
remove it.

Additional comments:

This seems very sad. I don't know what is going on. The moderation system was developed over time to become a system where the users can moderate themselves. With unlimited editor moderation, this intent is gone. I am very saddened by these turn of events.

Here is a post that proves editor moderation is out of control: Never forget this forbidden post! Look at these current Moderation Totals: Offtopic=378, Flamebait=4, Troll=27, Redundant=5, Insightful=98, Interesting=206, Informative=49, Funny=12, Overrated=12, Underrated=63, Total=854. Now do you agree with me?

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Editor Moderation

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