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Journal mcgrew's Journal: I need a new browser 7

At least until I put Linux on this notebook. FireFox 21.0 is wierding out like IE6 on a lot of sites, including slashdot. I can't even change my sig.

What browser are you using?

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I need a new browser

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  • Are you running a nightly build or a final release? I've gone through Firefox 21 recently on both Linux and Windows with no problems. Any plugins that could be causing it? (Firegloves makes a lot of sites "weird out")

  • Chrome, without the excessively googly bits (if you don't trust that, there are several other builds of chromium that purport to do the same, though how much other crap they add differs).

    As for

    I can't even change my sig.

    Given the history of this site, I wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that it was my browser weirding out :)

  • I'm using Firefox 22 on Linux Mint at the moment. As far as Extensions go: I have Adblock Plus, Flash-Aid, FoxyProxy, LastPass, Mint Search Enhancer (blek), and Stylish installed. As far as plugins go: Cinamon Integration, DivX Browser Plug-In, DivX Web Palyer, Google Talk Plugin, Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator, Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer, IcedTea-Web Plugin, mplayerplug-in/gecko-mediaplayer, two QuickTimes, RealPlayer, Shockwave Flash 11,2,202,291, VLC Multimedia Plugin, Windows Media Player P

  • You can't go wrong with Seamonkey. More comfortable than a pair of old jeans. Accept no substitute.

  • by KGIII ( 973947 )

    Opera... Seriously, they were once great then they kind of fell off the wagon for a bit but they're looking good again. They even support plugins now so you can get Greasemonkey and Ad-Block Plus. It's wonderful again. It's my second browser basically. I still rely on Firefox for most everything but I keep Opera around for when things get funky.

  • To be perfectly honest, I'm shopping for a browser myself. But I think I'm going to end up back on Firefox, since I've come to believe that it was a plugin or combination of plugins that was making it bad. I've been using Chromium at work for a while and am not overly impressed (on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS), Firefox and Chrome on my Windows 7 i686 desktop (it's going away today or Monday), installed Firefox 22 on the Gentoo box replacing it, and at home, I've used Firefox for everything except Tumblr, which is pr

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