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Journal leoaugust's Journal: Most recent 24 of my 66 comments - archiving the comments

leoaugust's Latest 24 of 66 Comments

66. Re:NYTimes Random geneRe:How about an NYT reg and
Monday August 18, @05:22PM

65. NYTimes Random geneRe:How about an NYT reg and pw?
Monday August 18, @05:13PM
Replies:1 Score:0, Offtopic

64. longer range is more important than increased data
Monday August 18, @05:09PM
Score:3, Insightful

63.Go Dean ... Just leave my KazaaLite alone ...
Sunday August 17, @04:08PM
Replies: 1 Score:1, Insightful

62.Identify the truths ... Re:Goedel says benchmarks
Sunday August 17, @03:32PM

61.Identify the need of person looking at benchmarks
Sunday August 17, @03:03PM
Score:3, Insightful

60.Is it just me, or is it a conspiracy ....
Saturday August 16, @02:45PM
Replies:2 Score:1, Flamebait

59.Is Office Fragmentation really good ??
Saturday August 16, @08:59AM
Replies:3 Score:3, Interesting

58. You belive the FBI ? ? Re:MS Word got Tony Blair
Friday August 15, @07:13PM

57. MS Word got Tony Blair busted in the WMD case
Friday August 15, @06:21PM
Replies:2 Score:5, Informative

56. Microsoft & others want to spam too - legally
Friday August 08, @07:21PM
Score:4, Interesting

55. Boiling down Privacy to its essence
Thursday August 07, @05:16PM

54. The Revolution is BaaaaaacccCCK
Thursday July 24, @05:08PM
Replies:3 Score:4, Insightful

53. Red Hat is right Re:It's a Good Thing
Saturday July 19, @04:05PM
Replies:1 Score:1

52. Politics is finally always local - NC and Static
Wednesday July 16, @08:11PM
Score:2, Interesting

51. Yes and here is a Random NYTimes Reg Generator
Wednesday July 16, @09:27AM

50. Problem is potentially bigger than caching Re:Yes.
Monday July 14, @07:28AM
Replies:3 Score:4, Interesting

49. Can't work Re:This is a great idea
Sunday July 13, @05:39PM

48. 600-899 not shown due to space restraintsRe:Who's
Friday July 11, @08:47AM

47.Where is the Proof Of Practice Re:Who's this guy?
Friday July 11, @08:33AM
Replies:2 Score:4, Insightful

46. Now they can use millions of the CueCat scanners
Monday July 07, @07:35AM
Score:2, Funny

attached to Swiping Out Cancer

45. Re:How about the librarians?
Saturday July 05, @04:02PM

44. Sims - Animation as a mass tool Re:Horay for Anim
Friday July 04, @08:12AM
Score:2, Interesting

43. Need 2 think of Turing Test differently in Network
Wednesday July 02, @05:30PM
Replies:1 Score:1

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Most recent 24 of my 66 comments - archiving the comments

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