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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: Stuff Stoolpigeons Like 2

I finished the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix and I liked it. I'm almost done with Eureka and have started watching Longmire, which I really enjoy so far. (I think I'm 7 episodes in.) I have fun spotting BSG people when they pop up in stuff - caught a couple in the new Superman movie over the week-end. My family really liked Man of Steel. I've never been able to really get into Superman as a super hero.

I'm driving down to Vlora, Albania in a couple weeks to work at an English camp. Then we are going to take a ferry to Italy and drive home up through Italy with a stop to check out Pompeii and the area around there. Should be a lot of fun. We'll drive down through Serbia and Macedonia. All new places for me so I'm looking forward to it.

We've had a really strange spring and summer here, weather wise. It was cold, then it was flooding, then it got hot. Now it's nice again. Due in large part to the flooding (my guess) we have a lot of mosquitoes about so it makes it more difficult to enjoy the very pleasant evenings that have arrived. I'm so picky. I'm enjoying the weather though (and I never would have guessed this) I find myself looking forward to fall and cooler weather. I don't like bitter cold but fall and winter here are pretty mild and that I like a lot.

AWOLNATION - it's not life changing music but Sail is a fun song. I'm not afraid to like pop stuff.

I enjoy watching StarCraft replays. I pretty much only watch stuff produced by HuskyStarcraft. The guy is a great broadcaster. He has a series - Bronze League Heroes. I highly recommend it. A lot of fun to watch and makes me feel less bad about my StarCraft skills - or more appropriately the lack thereof.

Croatia is in the EU now. Just need to get it in the Schengen and I'll be a happy camper. Beautiful, beautiful country and not having to stop at the border will make it just that much more of an easy choice when we have some time off. GIS Split or Plitvice and you'll see what I mean.

I've enjoyed reading about the new consoles coming out - but it's funny - we have our wii and mostly still play gamecube games on it. We play a couple wii games but the most popular are the older games. By the time the consoles after these new consoles come out my son will be a teenager and we'll probably upgrade then. Though he plays a lot of minecraft - so that's newer so maybe we'll just stick to pc stuff. I dunno. He really wants a tablet - so we are waiting to see what the new Nexus 7 looks like.

Myself - I'm a casual gamer right now. I just don't have the time to dig into something that takes more commitment. I never even got very far into Skyward Sword. And that's just messed up. In fact if I did have time, that's probably what I would play.

All right - that's the current state of the entertainment world for the stoolpigeon. I'm not reading anything for fun right now - so no books. Maybe later.

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  • but can't get out of Bronze in SC2. But I don't like the new one nearly as much as the old one in terms of gameplay. But it is beautiful to look at.

    • I was never good at Brood War. I'm way too slow to play other people. I still play the campaign though. I agree about game play in the new one. And the graphics. I do enjoy watching other people play though even if I haven't fired it up myself in a long, long time.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!