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Journal llywrch's Journal: Metamoderating II

Hmm. Whenever I log into /., I no longer see the pesky notice asking me metamoderate.

Could it be because I put a point on a certain post? It's the one at Kuro5hin had an article about it -- see

The folks running /. are very allergic to questions about how the whole moderating mechanism works. (Cowboy Neil, when asked about it, mumbled that it was ``a boring topic", & continued typing his grey words. A troll parodied the silent actions of the owners with this post -- Which is sad because a lot of folks obsess so much about it. And the silence only makes these people wonder more.

And the latest comment I've made got modded down because it was ``Offtopic". Hmm some more.

Aw, the hell with it. If the folks running /. don't want my contributions to keeping the trolls & idiots off the radar, I'm not going to whine about it. You can't make a horse drink. I'll continue to add my comments when I feel I have something to say, & submit stories when I think they might be of interest.

But a community is a fragile thing: /. is a second-generation web site, & it's only a matter of months before someone figures out how to create a third-generation web site. At which time /. will wither away, & be remembered fondly with such places as the Disfunctional Family Circus & the NCSA web directory.

Do you suffer painful illumination? -- Isaac Newton, "Optics"