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Journal jrockway's Journal: Linux Passes the Transparency Test 2

Today I was rather impressed by Linux. As a long time user (over 6 years without MacOS/Windows!), I didn't need convincing that Linux is a great operating system, but today I think I convinced someone else.

Someone came over this morning to ask my roommate to mount his keychain memory device and print something for him. Windows XP couldn't detect the device (and my roommate didn't have a printer!), so I asked the visitor to plug his keychain into my computer. I ran modprobe usb-storage, mounted the device, opened his Word document in OpenOffice, and printed it off on my USB laser printer. It worked perfectly. The person only noticed it was Linux while I was typing commands -- "Oh you use Linux?". I think he was impressed, because I sure was.

Linux _is_ ready for the Desktop... today more so than WinXP :-D

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Linux Passes the Transparency Test

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  • My roommate had a game that he liked, and wanted the sounds from it to use as things like alerts on his PC. He was having problems though, and could not extract the sounds from the program.

    We transferred the entire program to my Mac. I ran a simple sound utility, extracted the sounds, converted them to .wav format, and then transferred it back. He was happy, and very impressed at the ability of my Mac to do something that his Wintel computer was not capable of, especially on a Windows application.

    The catc
  • "I've never considered slashdot a blog. To me a blog is a personal journal/website akin to the journals at slashdot. I don't read those very often :) " Neither do I. ... d'ohh!

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