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The Almighty Buck

Journal Crash Culligan's Journal: A new perspective on evil

"The love of money is the root of all evil."

If this is the case, then surely the necessity of money is the potting soil of all evil, and the utility of money is the fertilizer of all evil.

Put them together and evil will bloom, preferably in a warm place with a little water and moderate afternoon sunlight. Evil is a hearty perennial which is very difficult to remove once it gets in place, prompting some to call it a weed. The weed's lawyers strongly discourage this attitude.

By the same token, the modern corporation has the greatest necessity to gain money (the most potting soil) and gets the greatest utility from it (the most fertilizer). And anyone who is insufficiently in love with money has no business there, so they either dry up and go elsewhere or they actually get pulled.

And in order to keep this evil from encompassing the earth like some mutant kudzu, we have Michael Powell, who is essentially the ornamental ceramic snail.

We're doomed.

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A new perspective on evil

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