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Journal marcushnk's Journal: BRILLIANT!

Last night.. I installed my old soundblast LIVE Value! card.. and compiled it into the kernel.
Its damned near perfect.. No crappy sound.. the game ET runs heaps smoother (and I don't have to type "artsdsp -m et" to run it.. ), its amazing the difference that having hardware supported with hardware mixing, makes to the overall performance of the machine.

I can't express how happy i am with the performance of the sblive.. and how really peeved I am with Nvidia and their piss poor excuse for a linux driver for the nforce2 sound chipset.

Tis the season for sackings atm.. Seems like they're culling back the numbers of staff within the company around the kalgoorlie region. I'm not worry.. in fact I'm kinda hopefull.. I'd love to be made redundant.. cause I'd move to Perth in a flash.

Big upgrade commin up.. I had to go home and download an .ISO image from IBM on my home connection.. cause it was over 500mb and works bandwidth is choked up.. Its sad that I have to use my own resources to get stuff for the company.. cause the company doesn't have those resources.

Oh well.. its not a big cost to me..

Going to install Gentoo on the 233 thinkpad I have at home.. should be fun, I estimate it'll take about 48 hours just for the first compile :-P

I won't bother with KDE.. but I'll try for fluxbox.. and that alone would be another 12-24 hours I reckon..

lotsa fun.. _

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