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Journal kesuki's Journal: windows vista broken on dad's laptop 3

well isn't this fun, first we have windows take 45 minutes to start, though i cheated and used taskman to start things cause i wasn't gonna wait for windows... then we have windows load but norton complains because i attempted to run norton while windows was booting. finally we have nav refusing to scan while hijackthis fails to work. i have tried in the past to get my parents onto linux but they didn't like it.
internet explorer fails firefox runs, but ugh it is not pretty, also i can't get my dad to use anything for browser script stopping, and my mom won't run popup blockers. sigh. i want to format and reinstall and of course use linux to backup and restore important files but that also involves finding the install dvds.

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windows vista broken on dad's laptop

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  • I can provide an ISO for Vista Business EN. You need to have the license sticker, though. If it's not "Business", I can't help. A Home variant will not work with Business.

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