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Journal Captain Splendid's Journal: Not enough paranoia around here, I see. 10

I think he gave away the whole game in that one sentence, and his meaning is clear: The interception, collection and storage (not to mention collation, reproduction, distribution, analysis and many other important sounding words Iâ(TM)m forgetting right now) of untold millions of petabytes is simply a byproduct of whatever it is that the NSAâ(TM)s really been up to these last few decades.

It would be irresponsible to speculate at this juncture, but consider that whatever the NSA is truly doing, it is of such horrible provenance that theyâ(TM)re willing the coverup to be âoeWeâ(TM)re running some fairly comprehensive Police State shit on your ass.â

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Not enough paranoia around here, I see.

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  • Look, I've known for decades the spying that has been going on both in Canada and the US, and was even in the Yakima listening center that you all didn't know about until it just closed.

    And, coincidentally, through my work at Boeing and local Seattle wireless and telephone providers, I also know how to use the metadata to figure out things about people.

    But we do live in a Police State. It's just you all pretended we didn't.

    The fun part for me is, as a result of the discussion on this topic, realizing that t

    • by chill ( 34294 )

      Ten years ago I was a network engineer and for Lucent, living in Spokane, WA and flying to customer sites weekly. Out on Monday, back on Friday. A serious frequent flier. With Spokane being so small an airport, and me frequently leaving on 5:30 a.m. flighs, I got to know the crews and airport people fairly well.

      One morning I pick up my boarding pass and it was stamped *S*, which means extra security checks. The girl behind the counter said "that's really strange. You've been here every week for six months a

  • . . .the Lefty rubes who bought off on BHO's soteriological piffle.
    I can take equal abuse for being insufficiently skeptical about Bush, sure.
    Part of that had to do with ManBearPig's incessant whinging about being unable to steal the 2000 election.
    But the overarching point here is that central banking has turned these United States into an oversized high school, featuring a non-stop bunfight.
    As for NSA, well, yes: given the capability to do so, are we to be surprised it's not being leveraged for purpose
  • As a country, we're doomed. "66% Believe Obama Administration 'Right' to Analyze and Collect Internet Data" []

    The American electorate is, by and large, comprised of jealous, vengeful, stupid, greedy, immoral jackasses... a fact that is endlessly exploited by demagogues such as Obama. The founders of our country never wanted a "democracy" but instead a republic, and this is the reason.

Forty two.