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Journal billsf's Journal: Re:Getting PCs to the third world

Its not exactly clear if this goes to MsGeek's journal or my own. Anyways, MsGeek, whoever you are, and aparently you refuse to reveal your true identity and email address, i hope you read this and might even dare to reply to my real mail.

You made some interesting points for the day. Turns out you were wrong on all counts. Can't you take the word of a known hacker that all is cracked? For the real wimps there are 'modchips' that some soldermonkey will install for a nominal charge. More importantly, there are 100% software solutions today. As if you think i didn't know those were available when you posted. You can now download a kernel from that turns an X-box into a 'workstation' of sorts. (Never mind the crappy TV picture.....)

Anyways here is the scoop. Microsoft fought so hard in this hopeless battle to prevent 'cheating' and the possibility of selling 'game points' multiple times. Certainly this is a delusion as anything that goes on an ethernet or whetever you use can be intercepted and any 'encryption of M$ has no 'salt' and if you don't know what that is -- give up!

Oh well, you are wrong totally and i knew it then. Shut up and be a good sheep. BaAaAaAa.... ("sheep" is the preferred term for computer illiterates in Europe) Maybe you'll get currious and get Unix on a PC? I hope you do and this is nothing personal.

It is great stupid companies give away hardware in hopes of selling software. Any smart company makes hardware, reveals all details and simply throws in the software. People BUY hardware as they can touch it. I'm right and have made $Millions along with many others who suscribe to this point of view. Don't worry, i pay good programmers well and they can even share in the fortunes. The bubble burst, but only for lame 'new ecconomy' companies. I hope you can see it now.

BTW, why make over a thousand postings in hopes one or two will be winners? Somehow i sometimes think i'm allways over the heads of Americans, but they sure like me in the UK, Australlia and ofcourse, Europe, where i live.

Also it appears you use IDE. You can make a real drive (or even an ATAPI/SCSI drive) do all the tricks. You NEVER have to run a drive backwards as memory is cheap and can do it all for you, but if there is a need to run a DVD backwards and if the Xbox actually can do that, more power to it as it will save on memory. Please don't underestimate the power of a PC! The top PC's of today are on par with the Crays of the eighties. The gap is getting narrower all the time and SMP (old hat to the Cray) will put real power on your desk. You just can't squander it to inferiour graphical user interfaces. (Sure Unix X sucks, but you can allways have your full computing power at your option!)


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Re:Getting PCs to the third world

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