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Journal apoc.famine's Journal: Comment Threshold

I've been noticing more often lately a problem with the generic Comment Threshold slashdot has. While it's great for main page articles, it doesn't work so well with some of the lesser trafficked areas of the site.

For example, I bask in the magic purple of on a regular basis. But I have my comment threshold set at +4 for the main page, which I read most often. On, there aren't a lot of comments, and there isn't a ton of moderation. I read it at somewhere between 0 and +2, since that lets me see a decent amount of comments.

Although it would be nice to be able to set thresholds for each section, it would also be more crap in the prefrences to wade through. At the same time, when a story makes the main page, I generally view it at +4, since I only want to wade through 50-100 comments on average.

I guess what I'm thinking about would involve a fairly major rewrite of slashcode...sigh.

I guess I'll go play around with my preferences...

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