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Journal srussell's Journal: American Patriotism

There was a discussion on Slashdot in which somebody mentioned that we US Americans should move to Canada, because they've got loads of liberal polititians. In a response, I called Baby Bush a dictator. Someone took offense at this, and accused me of being a communist, or something to that effect. In response, I pointed out that I'm as patriotic as the next guy, and he begged to differ. Then the fucking discussion was archived, and I didn't have a chance to respond... but being (as usual) overly impressed with my response, I felt it necessary to post it here. Hell, I went through the trouble of writing it...

and that jack-booted thugs will be dragging dissenters off to the Gulag any day now, disqualifies you as a patriot.

Interesting choice of metaphor. You might want to talk to Mike Hawas, if you think this doesn't happen.

In the USA, right now, anyone can be abducted by the US government, be detained indefinitely without access to a lawer, and be tried under a military tribunal.

therefore implying that the whole checks-and-balances system of this constitutional republic is somehow horribly broken

They are, in that they're being circumvented by the current administration.

I believe that our civil liberties are in danger. I believe that we're in danger of becoming a police state. As a patriot, I feel a moral imperative to oppose actions and behavior by the current administration which I feel are violating the principles on which this country was founded.

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American Patriotism

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