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Journal karniv0re's Journal: SEO - The "S" Stands for Shit

In my last entry entitled Cox Can Throttle My Cock, I mentioned how Cox was throttling my internet. Well, it turns out, they may be within their rights to, because it seems as though there's a rogue data sucker somewhere on my machine. Looking at my data usage, it was off the charts. Something like 30 - 60 GB per day. I don't even think I can find 10 GB of crap to download per day, let alone 6 times that. So, I went away on vacation for a while and unplugged my machine to verify that usage went down to 0. It did, so that means it's something on my machine. This has been my first foray into Ubuntu, and I have to say, I have mixed emotions on it. On the one hand, I like that it is a widely used, often updated distro. On the other hand, Unity is a monstrosity worse than KDE. I understand there are distros which swap Unity out for XFCE, which I may look into. Some of the conventions used in Unity just make me feel like I've been sucking on Apple cock. Max/Min/Close buttons in the upper left. Task bar ONLY available on the left hand side. So many other awful conventions. Otherwise, it's mostly usable.

Bodhi was awful too. I ran with that on my older dev box for a while and determined it was just about worthless. It was just to buggy to trust. So, no. Still haven't found the perfect distro. Debian would be if it were just a little more up to date. I do miss it though.

Op: Heist has not made a lot of progress. I've been looking into various methods of making money, and most of it, unfortunately, requires that you have some to start with. Youtube partners, for instance, can make some decent money. But, that requires that you have some professional camera equipment, or at the very least, a good webcam. I don't even have that. Sound equipment would be preferable. Also, the ability to know how to use it. That could be learned, but you need the initial capitol to start. Penny stock trading is a solid idea, but that one obviously requires some investment capitol. The only viable extra income source I've found was Amazon Mechanical Turk. It's viable because you will actually get money from it, but it won't be much. I estimate I made far less than minimum wage doing surveys, writing articles for spam blogs, or assisting in experiments. The experience was largely positive, but honestly, when you're making $20/hr after tax with your real job, why take a menial job for less than $5/hr? I used the money to buy a few necessity items off of Amazon, but past that, I don't think it paid off. It did bring me to wondering what the articles I was writing was going off to be used for. So I saved all of my articles in Google Docs. I can search by a particular sentence and find out where it ended up.

Take a look at an example: http://www.pluril.com/the-new-face-of-business/

So I'm writing articles for that fat fuck who's probably making a ton off of it somehow. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how though. There's no advertising! What is he doing here? Building up "content" so it looks like there's something there? Possibly. I never got into all that SEO bullshit because it just looks so repulsive. On the other hand, maybe it is lucrative? I dunno.

Here's another one: http://thefastlearners.com/the-major-memory-technique-introduction-to-memorizing-like-the-pros/

Yep, I wrote that. Apparently I'm helping sell some self-help bullshit. Ok. Anyway, I'm done with all that. These assholes can make their fortunes off of the backs of someone else. I have better things to do.

Right now I'm really interested in running a Spartan race. So I'm training up for that. And powering through at work. It's been a long haul of not doing anything interesting. I've either been rehashing old code to fix bugs, or we've been flogging a dead horse with bad requirements. Same story, different day. Looking forward to getting something new and exciting on my plate. Patience.

Finally, I will reiterate how Simple.com is saving my life. I am finally able to see the reality of my finances. It's not pretty, but it's real. And that's what I need. Weddings are also ruining my life this year. I have 5 of them to go to, and I'm in 3. Fuck that nonsense.

Alright, I'm out. Work to do.

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SEO - The "S" Stands for Shit

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