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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: Netflix 4

There are 3 Netflix generated series that I know of - Lilyhammer, House of Cards and the 4th season of Arrested Development.

Lillyhammer looked a little interesting to me but I never got around to watching it. From what I saw it looked like it would get violent and that meant I'd be watching alone and I had other stuff I wanted to see with that time. Breaking Bad being the main thing. I only have so much free time for shows and even less for stuff on my own.

My wife was interested in House of Cards so we've checked it out. I don't know if we'll keep watching. It has some good acting and I really enjoy a lot of it. But there are portions that just push too far into my 'icky' zone. I think a lot of crummy stuff goes on in Washington but I'd like to hope that so much of it isn't concentrated into one couple. And if so, I probably just don't want to know. When episodes finish I just feel sad and I don't see that getting better. At first I liked it because no one was getting killed so that made it kind of relaxing. But it's gotten a little too gross for me. And I'm having a hard time with how he rubs what he does in the face of so many. I think the guy would go down eventually if that were the case. Anyway - I may just watch it occasionally to see if it gets better or if I get completely turned off to it. (so I just reread this in the preview and I'm cracking up - don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't watched but a lot of unintentional double entendre there.)

I never watched Arrested Development before beyond a couple episodes. A while back I started from the beginning and it just cracks me up. I find myself laughing so hard that sometimes I have to go back a bit because I miss stuff. I am in the third season now and we'll see how the new fourth season holds up. It is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while. Right up there with the earlier parts of the American version of The Office.

The part that is interesting in a way is that on the one hand, this platform lets shows get made that I would never have seen on regular broadcast television. But it also lets the creators take it in directions that are more than I can handle from entertainment with some of the content. Not held back they can pretty easily exceed my rather conservative take on violence, sex, and morality in general. I can handle all that pretty easily in comedy because it is satire or farcical but when it is more serious I have a hard time. So I am at once hopeful for a Netflix original sci-fi series while at the same time nervous about the prospect. Not that it in some way harms me if someone makes a show I don't watch.

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  • I just finished it. Pretty fun. Not quite as good as Season 2, but solid. And infuriating last episode. I must have the movie or season 5 now.

    • The idea that they release everything in one big blob is also interesting. I would have no problem if they stretched it out over time. But I'm curious how this works out as when I do play catch up with certain shows I do end up doing it all in one go.

      • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

        I think the release schedule reflects the fact that more and more people watch shows like you do. I actually prefer that myself, particularly for complex shows. GF and I find outselves leaving stuff on the DVR until we have multiple episodes to watch.

        One curious thing with season 4 of AD: you can watch almost any of the episodes in almost any order. The stories are really only covering a short time frame and a few events, but they are covered from a dozen points of view. It's actually some of the most impre

        • I'm looking forward to getting to 4.

          The other night I watched the episode with the model train set, the Japanese businessmen, the mole and the jet pack. I was laughing so hard I had to stop it for a bit.

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