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Journal ebbomega's Journal: It was in the year they finally immanentized the Eschaton

In the year 2003, the world came closer than it has ever been to biological war, all because of some obscure country in the Middle East called Iraq.

The Rolling Stones announced a concert immediately one week after July 23, 2003 to announce the end of the latest weapon in biological warfare (Leprosy Anthrax Pi, codename SARS) the largest rock concert in the history of rock 'n' roll, featuring The Guess Who, Justin Timberlake, AC/DC and Clark Kent and His Supermen are schedule pending. In the meantime, the 5 major countries on the UN Security Council are patting themselves on the back for a job well done in the middle east, despite any evidence that they did anything.

Time to see a master magician or a master con-man - the two are the same - convince a bunch of acidheads to run away from their own shadows. That or the final battle between good and evil, with Horus on both sides.

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It was in the year they finally immanentized the Eschaton

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