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Journal $$$$$exyGal's Journal: Slashdot Oldtimers? Are there more archives? 21

Just for fun, I decided to peruse the really really old Slashdot stuff to see how everything started. Maybe I'd find quiet thoughtful debate about the HTML CENTER tag (1995?) ? Or maybe some lively debate regarding the plot of "Good Will Hunting (1997)" ?

When did Slashdot begin? The FAQ says September 1997, but the earliest story I could find in the archives is from December 31st, 1997. There also don't seem to be any comments archived before 1999. Where's the really old stuff? (Note that stories posted in 1969 do not count :)).

Where are the really old archives? Gone forever? If so, quite understandable, but regretable.

If you want to peruse some of the oldest archived stories, you can start here. As of July 10th, 2003, that link points to the oldest stuff, but the link will soon become outdated.

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Slashdot Oldtimers? Are there more archives?

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  • Internet Archive (Score:3, Interesting)

    by SiliconJesus ( 1407 ) * <siliconjesus@gma i l . com> on Thursday July 10, 2003 @01:40PM (#6408318) Homepage Journal
    Checking, You can see some of the older articles from /., however its not a complete archive. Check out The Wayback machine [] for snapshots of slashdot (the oldest being from Dec 21, 1997).

    As for the Dec 31, 1997, I believe that is probably due to some database migration or whatnot when the datestamps probably got mangled.

    As an 'old-timer' (check my User ID number), I've been reading /. before there was user registration. I remember the old conversations regarding the dreaded WWW (other sites referring to /. used to use the url, rather than just plain ol, which apparently irritated CmdrTaco), tacohell (used to be - sorta like Rob's Journal), and Robs reviews of the latest Disney and Pixar flicks.

    • Not to mention the good old days when Rob wasn't too high and mightly to participate in a good troll. :-)
    • I've got a fairly low UID. I think I came on just as a few hand picked moderators were coming online. Even then, CT rarely participated in the community.

      I remember when all the four digit people bitched about us five digit newbies.
    • I remember Chips 'n Dips fondly.

      Still got the personal mail from CmdrTaco inviting me to 'check out his new site', also!
    • Checking, You can see some of the older articles from /., however its not a complete archive. Check out The Wayback machine for snapshots of slashdot (the oldest being from Dec 21, 1997).

      FYI - I checked the wayback machine for Chips & Dips ( ) but the only pages they have are "this page has moved" type things redirecting you to slashdot.

      There is one good archived version of Rob's homepage pre-SlashDot (and pre- C & D) available here [] though.

      I was
  • forget archives, back in the day, we were lucky if we had comments!
  • and was just rob maldas personal blog. I remember thinking how silly the name slashdot was when he changed it.
  • this is really funny, especially considering the time:

    "Linux for Non-Geeks

    Posted by CmdrTaco on Saturday January 03, @04:20AM
    from the you-have-got-to-be-kidding dept.
    In what has got to be the most bizarre thing I have ever read, it appears that Asia Carrera, a porn star with her own web site actually runs Linux. She's a newbie and doesn't know exactly what she's talking about in her Bulletin Reports, but she may very well be the ideal woman for most of the guys I hang on with on IRC. Thanks to Scott for t

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