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The 2000 Beanies

Journal evil_toy_maker's Journal: A walk down "Memory" Lane 4

You may deny that poodle skirts, leisure suits, pet rocks and streaking (*tries to look innocent on the last mentioned*) were part of our past, but Bad Fads Museum []provides a fun and nostalgic look at fashions, collectibles, activities and events that are cherished by some and ridiculed by others."

Even though you may want to forget this stuff, the Bad Fads Museum makes sure it will always be a part of American pop culture history. The site says it's not an indictment or an endorsement of any of the fads mentioned.

It has four sections: Fashion, Collectibles, Activities and Events. In Fashion, there are 22 goofy garment items, ranging from bellbottoms to tie-dyed t-shirts.

When you click on one of the items, such as bellbottoms, it provides a photo and quick historical recap of the fad. In case you didn't know, the site says the popularity of bellbottoms began "in the late 1960s and became noteworthy as musicians from James Brown to Sonny and Cher to Elvis Presley enjoyed their bell-like form." At the mere young age of approxiamtely 4, I can remember shuddering at "my own mother" wearing a pair of these god awful purple bellbottoms. Now, I look back on it and realise they weren't all that bad after all.

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A walk down "Memory" Lane

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  • >> realise they weren't all that bad

    Talk about rose colored glasses! Bell-bottoms are the worst. I remember wearing the '70's version of 'em (which were tame compared to the real ones), and if I wanted to ride my bike, I had to tuck my pants cuff into my sock (which were of course striped white knee-highs) to prevent it from getting tangled in the chain (cool kids didn't run with chain guards, of course).

    Yes, they really were 'that bad'. Put down the crack pipe.

      • Yes, they really were 'that bad'.

      Like I said,"cherished by some and ridiculed by others"
      • Put down the crack pipe.

      Do I have to? What if I really don't wanna? *sighs*
  • Someone I know (along with some dissolute friends) streaked tha national commander of the American Legion, associated board members, and their wives. Summer of 1975, IIRC. I guess it seemed appropriate at the time. Perhaps it did them some good. :-)

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