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Journal Jack Wagner's Journal: Summer vacation!! 2

Hello gentle friends,

I've just returned yesterday after spending a month lounging in the South of France, sallying from one nude beach to the next whilst partaking in only the best French wines known to mankind. First, I want to say that the French women are Ohhhh Lala!! And secondly I want to say that the french food is Ohhh lala!! Sadly I've burned through my Q1 profits and need to get back to work, however I should have some time for slashdot until the next contract gets ironed out.

I'm looking forward to some stimulating conversation.

Warmest regards,

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Summer vacation!!

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  • Hey Jack, I am sure you get this all the time with the economy and all, is Wagner Consulting hiring these days?

    From your journal entries it sure seems like Wagner Consulting is doing well and should be expanding.

    I am a top notch HTML Engineer with over 5 years of HTML coding experince. A lot of times people that claim to be HTML Engineers are the same people that have to run off and read a book when you ask them to change the color of some text. Not me:

    <text color="red">your text</font>

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