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Journal SplatMan_DK's Journal: The Death of Prenda as a statue

As Slashdot and Ars Technica have reported, the saga of Prenda Law has taken a new and perhaps final turn. Today Judge Wright has finally released his long-awaited order. It is a scathing 11 page document, suggesting Prenda masterminds John Steele and Paul Hansmeier should be handed over for criminal investigation. The order itself is "thoroughly peppered with Star Trek references", as Ars so elegantly put it, and even begins with a famous Spock-quote. So how can we - the citizens of cyberspace - show our appreciation and admiration of Judge Wright - a civil worker who has gone above and beyond his duties in a case many others might have just dumped in the trash? The answer is: A crowd funded statue! I proudly present to you: The unofficial Otis D. Wright, II Statue Fundraiser. The possible themes are endless - Judge Wright could very well see himself as Hulk, Q, a Borg king, or a Starfleet Captain. Could this be the first truly crowd funded piece of art to go down in history ... perhaps even with your name on it? (Disclosure: I am the initiator of the IndieGoGo campaign).

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The Death of Prenda as a statue

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