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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: Katrina Missing Children, The Saudis & Bush 4

"After the tsunami there was great concern that many of the children left without families due to that disaster had disappeared into Asian, Middle Eastern sex trade rings."

Why bring this up, after 8 years?

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Katrina Missing Children, The Saudis & Bush

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  • What does the tsunami have to do with W Bush herding a bunch of black people into a football stadium?

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      OT, that's a great sig. My oldest daughter, who was misdiagnosed all her life, is autistic. She has an eidetic memory that astounds everyone who knows her, she has very good problem solving abilities, but she scores low enough on an IQ test she's eligible for SSI. Before puberty she could predict the weather with near perfect accuracy; she'd say "it's going to rain tomorrow." If you asked "what time?" she'd say 2:00, and the next day it would rain sometime between 1:30 and 2:30. Nobody had a clue how she di

      • I was misdiagnosed until I was 30.

        Since then I've been working very hard on my social skills.

        • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

          I'm sure I have a mild form of Asperger's, but the kind of weird I was didn't make me unpopular. For instance, in the 6th grade I made a doofus detector out of a reed switch, flashlight bulb, battery, a box made from a soda can, and a ring with a magnet glued to it. It would only go off when the teacher said something, everybody laughed hysterically except the teacher, who confiscated it when she finally figured out what all the kids were laughing at.

          I almost got expelled in the seventh grade. I'd made what

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