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Journal AlabamaMike's Journal: Happy Birthday America

Just got back from the Boston 4th of July celebration. Got to the Esplanade around 8:30 this morning, and got a really got spot in front of the hatch shell. Spent the entire day baking in the sun, and then enjoyed a fine concert by the Boston Pops and Mormon Tabernacle Choir. To top it all off, came home and discovered my first moderator points on /. Interesting day 4 July turned out to be. On a serious note, I celebrated the 4th for my sister Jeanna who is currently serving in Iraq for our freedoms. She's helping to provide this, and I thought I should take advantage. If you're in the US military, and you're reading this, please know that I really appreciate the sacrifices you give. Keep checking this spot ... soon there will be an interesting announcement regarding the start-up I work for.
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Happy Birthday America

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