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Journal D_Fresh's Journal: Thinking of submitting to "Ask Slashdot" 1

So I'm writing a thesis on the Cultural Relevance of Computer Games, intending to point out that these games are really far more pervasive, mainstream, and important than most people think they are. One of the points I want to explore is how people play computer games - typically we envision the high school kid with no life sitting for hours fragging his friends, but there are definitely other ways to insert games into one's lifestyle. What are they? How do people play games? Especially the long ones, which take hundreds of hours to finish, or the console games, which can go on as long as you want them to, much like arcade games without the quarters.

So there's the Ask Slashdot question - I've just got to figure out how to word it. Granted, quite a skewed sample set, but still something to go on. And if my email address is put out there I could potentially start dialogues with people who might help me out even more. On the most basic level, I guess I'm just interested in how normal or abnormal I am in my own gameplaying habits - typically a few stolen hours on a weeknight or weekend morning, before bedtime happens or the day's chores kick in and the wife kicks me off the computer.

We'll see if it gets posted - that would be really cool.

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Thinking of submitting to "Ask Slashdot"

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