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Journal rkz's Journal: It is that time again, whats with all the fans? 7

As of right now I have got 15 fans, which is a lot more than my old account and I'm wondering why you all decided to add my to your friends list?

The funny thing is I only know 3 or 4 of my fans the rest are a mystery to me, so come on post in here who you are - lets make /. a less faceless place to be and get to know eachother.

On another note I just got back from watching Bruce Allmighty, not being a huge fan of Jim Carey I didn't expect much but the film was hillarious and worth a watch just to cheer you up!

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It is that time again, whats with all the fans?

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  • Us Windows-using Slashdotters have to stick together, dontcha know? :-)
  • I've been thinking about doing it for some time now and finally got around to it. I go through the jounals a few times a week and add interesting users and I've found you to be one. I also have enjoyed a lot of your postings and am looking forward to more. Now I'll know when you post again without having to burrow through all those journals and threads.
    • wow this is cool, I can see why some people on slash fan whore it is a very nice feeling when someone replies to your journal.

      I've just had a peek at your journal and it looks quite interesting. You can add one more to your count too.

      I'll try my best not to fan whore and carry one posting the random stuff that I do!
  • It was pretty good. I, myself, am not a Jim Carey fan myself, but I have seen nearly everyone one of his films because of friends who have cajoled me into watching. Personally, I think Carey is trying to turn himself into a modern day Jimmy Stewart. If you've seen this film and a few of his others, I think you'll see this too.
  • You marked me as a friend so I felt obligated to mark you as a friend. Besides, if you are interested in the comments I post then I'll probably enjoy the comments you post.

    That is all, friend...cue spooky music and cut to a picture of me smiling lewdly...put the lotion in the basket?

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