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Journal Quizme2000's Journal: What the Fsck? 2

I thought I give this journal thing a try 'cause I'm to lazy to blog but too important to keep my thoughts to myself.

It's migration time again at the office. We're going from Linux to Windows!

If your a little curious about this and have no life, please read on. If you don't give a flying egg about my life, experinces, or sage wisdom in matters affecting life please leave your flames in your "drafts" folder. I'll pray you'll remeber me when your face catchs on fire if you decide to send them. Now to the juicy bits.

First we (the startup company I work) had a crappy little shared server from earthlink about 3 years ago. We moved to a RH 7.0 Linux server at rackspace to host the company's brochure-ware website.

Our first sys admin was a hotshot JAVA guru type A asshole who thought he knew everything about anything. After becoming property of the State of MA, and the big black guy in cell block A, the job of administrating the Rackspace server was givin to your's truly.

I cut my Linux teeth using this machine. SSH termnial only baby, not of that GUI crap. Anyway, I was pretty retarded around Linux. I was lucky if I could edit a text file without having RTFM. Having come from a hobby-type PC and MAC helpdesk/game background, I was truly humbled by the power that Linux had to offer. I was also humbled by the fact I didn't have an effing clue how to use a command line operated OS. Thus becoming my own personal nightmare.

I remebering about 8 years ago my Mom saying, "You should learn about Linux, its' free and is becoming popular with computer guys."

I replied, "Give me a break! Its probably a piece of junk. Of course it's free. Only Microsoft and Apple make good computer OS'es."

With hindsight (20/20 of course) I truly see why my life has always had a slight odor of bullshit.

Back to the present minus 18 months. So I go and buy the biggest know-it-all Redhat 7 Linux book I can find at the book store, place it on the bed, cover with pillow, and slept on it. It didn't work, I was going to have to read the damn thing.

Stay tuned to the adventures about what happens when a lazy know-it-all bastard computer geek tries to use a remote command line to adminstrate a Linux Server.

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What the Fsck?

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