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Journal Sooner Boomer's Journal: RasPi and other developments

In a previous entry, I stated that the Pi didn't have "real world" interfacing. It looks like that has changed considerably. And the Pi now has competition. I just bought a BeagleBone Black. It's a small single-board computer similar to the Pi, but with what many consider to be improvements. One is on-board storage. It has 512M of DDR RAM, and 2G of flash memory. It also has a microSD slot. There are linux, android, and other OS's developed specifically for it. My previous entry comment about lack of real-world IO does not apply either. There are a multitude of accessory boards - from memory expansion to touch-screen screens to motor drivers and CAN interfaces. My original intent was to use it as a media server, but seeing the other options, I may have to buy a second to play around with. Let's see what the next six months brings...

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RasPi and other developments

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