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Journal mudpup's Journal: Stepping forward

I went to a Howard Dean for president meet-up last night it was the first time in a very long time that I felt like I was doing something positive.

I am going to support Howard Dean because:

  • Howard Dean opposed the Bush administration on the Iraq war.
  • He chided the president for labeling the University of Michigan's affirmative action program a "quota" system.
  • Even though Vermonters (his state) were sharply divided over a bill granting civil union status to homosexuals, Gov. Dean signed it into law.
  • He also expanded Vermont's Medicaid program so that every child in the state now has medical insurance.
  • Despite being branded ultra-liberal, he balanced the state budget.
  • And he earned a good rating from the National Rifle Association, even though he supports some forms of gun control.

I wrote 3 letters to Iowan's by hand no less I have not spent so much time holding an ink since ..... Hell I can not remember Writing more than a line on a form in years.

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