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Journal Qzukk's Journal: Today's two minutes of hate 2

In every version of it Outlook I've used, it stands out as being terrible at dealing with email in general (aside from the various exploits just from opening malformed emails). It's got rules that cancel themselves because the computer just woke from sleep and isn't connected to the internet (and therefore the rules are "invalid") to having a hojillion different sources of email addresses, none of them configurable or editable (Seriously, why can't I fix a misspelling in an email once it's been saved wherever the hell it gets saved?). Autocompletion of email addresses is a complete clusterfuck. I had to delete a customer from my contact list completely and start over because her email address changed and when I edited her contact, her record refused to come up when I'm sending an email (Doesn't come up when I type, doesn't come up in the contact list when I press the "To" button, but if I write her email by hand and choose "Look Up Outlook Contact" bam there she is complete with name and company information)

If it weren't for Exchange, I'd have ditched this shit long ago. Sadly, it's still the best I've got at dealing with scheduling meetings (at least as long as they're in our own time zone).

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Today's two minutes of hate

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  • All the data are saved to the .pst files, which is about the most Drano-snorting database imaginable.
    Once, on a lark, somebody asked me to code a macro that would flag emails for which the recipient was BCCd, which feature was sort of missing.
    Peering into the lungs of the hell that is the Outlook data model, I knew despair. Even once it was working, you couldn't run it automagically, for security reasons.
    About the only bigger disaster I've ever studied is PowerPoint.
  • They gave is Outlook and took away Novell a year or two ago. There's not a single thing about Outlook I don't hate. I especially hate it when it's time to change passwords; its requirements are completely different from all the other systems there. Fucking stupid, it really narrows down my choices because I like to keep the same password for all the systems at work (network, email, mainframe, internet).

    You have to log in through webmail to change the god damned password! How fucked up is that? So Outlook i

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