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Journal leoaugust's Journal: Archiving the Comments Page - July 02, 2003

These are 24 of my 42 comments. I wish I knew an easy way to get the older comments back in the neat fashion displayed as the latest 24 are.

Not safe in the physical world, nor in the AbstracWednesday July 02, @08:14AM ;Score:3, Interesting

what international agreements ?Re:Not to beTuesday July 01, @07:15PM Score:1

Collation of data that is important - Re:Being Sma Tuesday July 01, @06:27PM Score:1

Still not economical Re:wireless develop 3rd worl Sunday June 29, @02:10PM Score:1

What is the Legal Framework of the Judgement ?? Saturday June 28, @07:36PM Replies:3 Score:4, Interesting

Kill Plagiarism Support Piracy Saturday June 28, @05:38PM Replies:2 Score:4, Interesting

PDF link Re:HuCoNOS - Human Computer Saturday June 28, @06:24AM Replies:1 Score:1

HuCoNOS - Human Computer Network Operating System Saturday June 28, @05:15AM Replies:1 Score:1

TiVo for Radio Stations? Thursday June 26, @05:39AM Replies:6 Score:3, Interesting

Think Network Not Computer Re:I had a computer lab Monday June 23, @07:54PM Score:3, Insightful

Re:I say bring em on .... Re:Quiet! Monday June 23, @02:55AM Score:1

Actually, EVERYONE Does not have to get in Sunday June 22, @03:44PM Replies:1 Score:1

I say bring em on .... Re:Quiet! Sunday June 22, @03:04PM Replies:1 Score:2, Interesting

Thomas Jefferson predicted this Re:Duh, door Friday June 20, @07:42PM Replies:2 Score:4, Interesting

Re:Art is creatively overcoming limitations - gami Friday June 20, @06:23PM Replies:1 Score:2, Interesting

Re:Art is creatively overcoming limitations - gami Friday June 20, @05:43PM Replies:1 Score:1

Art is creatively overcoming limitations - gaming Friday June 20, @05:27PM Replies:3 Score:5, Insightful

How good are the current protections Re:Making mo Wednesday June 18, @07:02PM Replies:2 Score:5, Insightful

Alive but healthy or not ?? Re:Ricochet is alive Tuesday June 17, @06:27PM Score:1

Hate Flash too - Re:As much as I hate to say it... Tuesday June 17, @06:16PM Replies:2 Score:1

attached to

Platform Evangelism

long distance wireless - much greater than 300 ft Tuesday June 17, @05:04PM Replies:3 Score:5, Informative

Key Open Dataformats Re:Future vs. Present Tuesday June 17, @09:00AM Replies:1 Score:4, Insightful

Future vs. Present oriented viewpoints Re:Same old Tuesday June 17, @06:09AM Replies:2 Score:4, Insightful

Destruct Creation-Schumpter's Creative Destruction Monday June 16, @05:52PM Score:1

These are some of the older one

But Bushies don't care Re:Obviously this would (Score:4, Insightful)

Desribes Rumsfeld's lunacy and logical genius.

Would you people stop playing these stupid games?!?!?!!!!