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Journal claudia's Journal: What Is Causing That Infernal Racket? 20

I live in this large apartment building in San Francisco. They're always renovating whenever someone moves out. They replace the windows and hardwood floors. Lots of banging, hammering, and sanding.

The two neighbors below me moved out, so this noise has been going on for weeks.

It usually starts in the late afternoon and goes on for the rest of the day. My floor shakes. It vibrates!

I got so tired of the noise, I ran out of my studio and was so muddle-headed I forgot my keys. I had to collect call my sweetie because my cell phone was dead and I had no money. He called a locksmith ($65 for two minutes' work!) - all because of the damn noise.

Back to the construction: They usually stop at around 5 or 6, but tonight, the noise went on until slightly past 9 pm. I called the landlord to complain. Why are the sanders still sanding so late? Don't they know people are trying to have dinner in peace? He promised to look into it, and sent someone to check on the room below, where (he claimed) no work was being done, and in fact work had stopped hours before.

But the noise continued. And still the floor vibrated.

It was only after a fitful dinner that my sweetie took a look under the bed, where the noise was loudest. What could be causing that infernal racket?

My vibrator. Under the bed. Buzzing away on the hardwood floor.


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What Is Causing That Infernal Racket?

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