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Journal DarkEdgeX's Journal: Seattle Employment (continued) 3

Amazing... this is the longest I've been without work since getting into computer programming/IT/whatever. And now the news says Seattle will likely be one of the last places to come out of this 'recession' we're in. JOY.

I'm suddenly thinking moving somewhere else might be wise...

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Seattle Employment (continued)

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  • by windex ( 92715 )

    You are a moron. Seattle is for faggots. Move to capitol hill you buttfucker.

    Thank you.
    • I think you got those mixed up.. besides, I like Bellevue loads better than Seattle. =) The only thing I miss is going downtown regularly and have fun.

      Of course, if your dumbass hadn't moved, that'd probably have helped.
      • I DIDN'T MOVE, the gravity field generated by your gigantic ass nearly shoved me into outer space! Wisconsin was the closest place I could stay without being hurled into space!

The biggest difference between time and space is that you can't reuse time. -- Merrick Furst