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  • I don't want it intercepted in the NRO fiber-tap room at 2001 6th Avenue, Ste 1800, Seattle, WA.

    • I don't want it intercepted in the NRO fiber-tap room at 2001 6th Avenue, Ste 1800, Seattle, WA.

      Not to worry, there are other intercept points

      • by Nethead ( 1563 )

        Fisher building, Elliot, Tukwila, Yakima Ball Bering Plant [], Quincy [], et. al.

        • Oh, come on, the Yakima NSA listening center is only something I've known about for ... 30 years ... since I was in it.

          • by Nethead ( 1563 )

            I only got out to the MPRC to replace the motherboard in the computer that ran the range. Replaced a '286 Sperry Rand with a Chinese 386sx so you know how long ago that was. The "network" was LapLink on a printer cable.

            How is Allison doing?

            • Allison is great. Uploaded a FB pic of what she wrote when she went back to the Marathon site. Glad she'll heal!

            • by Nethead ( 1563 )

              I grew up in Yakima (The Palm Springs of Washington) and when asking certain friends where their dad worked they would answer "the ball bearing plant north of Selah."

              We all knew NOT to ask further.

              Love those huge ass dishes pointed directly west. Anyone with a knowledge of RF and geography knew exactly what was up. I wonder how they felt when they punched I-82 through to bypass the canyon.

  • . . .to continue to load-shed the incumbents and set about driving this country back in the direction of liberty.
    Because the Republican and Democrat Progressives are the navigation hazard, not the desirable course.

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